Lag Ja Gale 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Ishani keeps her commitment


Lag Ja Gale 3rd March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Shiv says that he can’t rely on Ishani and asks Randeep to keep a back up plan. Randeep agrees. Ishani starts preparing the dish. She feels confident about keeping her commitment. Shiv learns that Ishani has not come with her dish yet. He regrets for keeping faith in Ishani. Ishani feels pain because of her would. She hides her pain for Puja. Ishani asks Rachna to keep stirring in her absence. Rachna agrees. Ayan asks Shiv if everything is fine. Randeep says yes. Shiv gets mad at Ishani. Randeep asks him to have faith in Ishani. Shiv lashes out at him for not following his order.

Randeep gets angry and says that he is not Shiv’s servant. Shiv says that his order is the final. Randeep asks Shiv to keep his anger and attitude to him only. Bhupen interferes and asks Randeep to behave well with Shiv as he is the owner of the hotel. He blames Randeep for the problem. He suggests him to take rest as they will handle everything. Bhupen tries to instigate Shiv against Ishani and Puja. Shiv calls him right and regrets for not listening to him earlier.

Bhupen asks Shiv to not worry as he promises to handle the crisis. Meena tells Randeep that he could not handle Randeep’s insult by Shiv. Randeep says that he is giving his heart and soul to the hotel. He leaves angrily. Meena decides to teach Shiv a lesson for insulting her son in law. Ishani gets burning smell. She and Puja get shocked seeing that their dish has already burned due to Rachna’s negligence. Puja criticizes Rachna. Puja and Ishani get worried. Ishani mixes water to fix the dish.

Suresh calls it a bad idea. Sumit vents his frustration on his junior. Ishani gets an idea to manage the situation. She recalls Jagdish’s teaching and adds bread pieces in the dish so that the foul smells goes away from the dish. The plan works. Ishani and others finish making the dish. Ishani hides her wound from others. She hopes to deliver the dish by 9pm. She asks Suraj to call vehicle to reach the order. She feels acute pain. Shiv plays table tennis in tension. Bhupen asks him to come out. Yash comes and praises Shiv for the arrangements.

He enquires about Ishani. Shiv asks him to not mention her. Ishani gears up for the delivery. Puja asks Ishani if she is fine. Ishani lies that she is just tired. Shiv and Bhupen wait for Ishani. Bhupen’s informer passes him all the informations about Ishani. Bhupen learns that Ishani has already started from there to deliver the order on time. Bhupen contacts Sumit and seeks his help. Sumit says that he will use Jagdish to stop Ishani.

Ishani gets stuck in traffic jam. Sumit comes there but fails to spot Ishani. Both Leave from there. Shiv thinks that he will ruin Ishani as she has ruined his reputation. Randeep informs him that Ishani is coming with her dish. Ishani delivers the order. Shiv calls it impressive. Sumit takes out a file and asks Bhupen to stay stress free on call. Ishani asks Shiv for the money. The episode ends.

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