Lag Ja Gale 5th March 2023 Written Update: Ishani learns a shocker


Lag Ja Gale 5th March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Puja sees Ishani and cries holding her hand. Suraj asks her to forgive him for not being able to help Ishani. Puja says that Ishani likes to suffer alone. She says that she won’t forgive Ishani for hiding about her wound. Shiv recalls Puja’s words and gets restless. Yash questions him about the blood strains on his shirt and why he was avoiding his calls. Shiv suggests him to not help anyone ever. Yash gets clueless. Shiv says that he has earned his attitude by building his empire. He complains Yash about Puja. Sulochana and daughters make their wish list. Sulochana asks Rachna to call Ishani and enquire about the payment. They make fun of Ishani.

Jagdish hears everything and criticizes them. Bhupen asks Shiv Ishani’s whereabouts. Shiv says that she is in hospital. Bhupen asks him to not worry and concentrate on his work. Bhupen informs Sumit about Ishani. He asks him to shut Jagdish’s stall using the opportunity. Puja gets Jagdish’s call. Jagdish enquires their whereabouts. Puja lies to him and hides about Ishani from him. Jagdish understands that Puja is lying and asks her to confess the truth. Puja says that Ishani is in the hospital. Jagdish gets shocked.

Sulochana and daughters also learn about Ishani’s condition. Jagdish gears up to go to the hospital. Sulochana asks him to not go strictly. Yash comes to visit Ishani. He learns that Puja is around. Yash goes behind Puja but fails to meet her. He gets scolded by an elderly lady. On dining table Meena again tries to instigate Randeep against Shiv. Shiv comes face to face with Randeep. Randeep leaves seeing Shiv. Kiran calls Shiv and ties dhaga on his hand as he is leaving for Bangalore.

Shiv announces that he doesn’t like people talk about him at his back. Meena asks him to talk respectfully with Randeep as he is brother in law of Shiv. Shiv takes Kiran’s blessings. Bhupen wishes him best of luck. He asks him to forget all these and concentrate on meeting. Bhupen thinks in mind that no God can save Ishani’s stall now. Jagdish visits Ishani at hospital. He enquires about the order. Puja says that they need to arrange five lakh rupees immediately. Jagdish gets shocked. Sumit visits Sulochana food stall with official papers and asks Suraj to vacate the stall.

Jagdish gets a call and learns about that matter. He and Puja leave for their stall. Sumit and his men vandalise the stall. Puja and Jagdish try to stop them. Jagdish gets hurt in the process. Sumit shows the documents to him. Puja says that Ishani has already paid the fine. Sumit says that no money is deposited till now. Jagdish requests Sumit to spare his stall. Sumit doesn’t pay attention to his plea. Jagdish falls on his feet.

Sulochana and daughters come there. Jagdish cries. Ishani feels restless in hospital. Sulochana threatens Sumit and beats his men. Sumit calls police. Lady constable slaps Sulochana. Ishani wakes up. She finds out that she has not received her payment yet. She decides to not spare Shiv if any damage happens to Sulochana food stall or Jagdish. The episode ends.

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