Lag Ja Gale 6th March 2023 Written Update: Jagdish gets upset with Ishani


Lag Ja Gale 6th March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Shiv reaches Bangalore and calls Ishani from there. He asks Ishani if she is fine. Ishani replies yes and enquires him about the transaction. Shiv calls Ishani money minded. Ishani says that she is yet to receive her payment. Shiv says that he has already paid the ammount. He asks her to not disturb him and cuts the call. Ishani comes and sees the condition of their stall. Ishani gets shocked and cries. Ishani sees Sumit and recalls what he did to her. Ishani questions him. Ishani approaches her helpless family. Shiv is in a meeting. Ishani calls him. Shiv picks up the call. His phone is already connected to the speaker. Ishani lashes out at Shiv and toungelashes him. Everyone else also hears everything.

Shiv calls his employee and learns that Ishani has not received her payment yet. Ishani comes home. Jagdish asks her why did she hide the stall matter from him. Ishani says that she didn’t want Jagdish to fall sick as he had an attack recently. Jagdish gets upset with her. He regrets for relying on Ishani more. Bhupen sees video of Sulochana food stall and laughs. He tells Sumit that he is very happy today. He plans to celebrate the victory with Sumit in the evening. Shiv comes home and lashes out at Bhupen for not transferring Ishani’s money. He blames him for his insult. Meena warns Shiv to watch his words. Kiran, Sashi defend Shiv. They have an argument with Meena. Meena criticizes Shiv. She mentions about Randeep.

Randeep asks her to not bring his personal matter in their family dispute. He and his wife have an argument. Sashi asks Meena to apologise to Shiv. Meena refuses. Everyone start arguing with each other. Shiv feels headache. Bhupen asks everyone to stop. Bhupen admits his mistake and asks Shiv to forgive him. Shiv goes to City corporation office and meets Sumit there. He mentions about that day’s insident and slams him for his deeds. Sumit asks Shiv to talk to him respectfully and stay in his limits. Shiv burns Sumit’s hand using hot tea and lashes out at him for sending fake notice. He threatens to ruin Sumit. Ishani gets emotional thinking about their stall. She cries her heart out.

Shiv calls her. She cuts the call. Shiv sends her message asking her to reach her stall immediately. Ishani reaches there. Shiv comes there with Sumit. Shiv criticizes Sumit and makes him fall at Ishani’s feet. Shiv takes a stand for Ishani and her family. He orders Sumit to fix the board of stall again. Sumit follows his instructions. Ishani looks happy. Shiv admits his mistake infront of her. He says sorry to Ishani. Shiv gears up to leave. Ishani stops him and expresses her gratitude towards him. Ishani feels weak. Shiv grows concerned for her. He sits beside Ishani and offers her water. They have a cute banter. Shiv asks her how she got the wound. Ishani does not reply. She gears up to leave. She stumbles. Shiv holds her. They share an intense eyelock. ‘Lag Ja Gale’ title track plays in the background.

The episode ends.

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