Lag Ja Gale 7th March 2023 Written Update: Bhupen slaps Sumit


Lag Ja Gale 7th March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Ishani returns home. Ishani gives the stall’s key to Jagdish. She says that none can stop his stall now. Puja looks happy. Jagdish calls Ishani God sent. Neeti tries to instigate Sulochana against Ishani and calls her the root of all the problems. Rachna also joins Neeti. Sulochana lashes out at Ishani as always. Ishani defends herself. Sulochana does not listen. Jagdish tries to stop her. Sulochana toungelashes Ishani and her mother. Ishani takes a stand for herself for the first time and questions Sulochana and daughters for toungelashing her for anything and everything. She says that she can bear her insult but won’t tolorate any foul word used against her mother.

Sulochana raises hand to slap her. Ishani holds her hand. Sulochana says that she will talk about Ishani’s mother for her deeds. She tries to kick Ishani out of house again. Jagdish tries to stop her. He feels sick. Ishani gets worried. She and Puja take Jagdish to his room. Neeti again instigates Sulochana. Staff questions Shiv about a work regarding Randeep’s department. Shiv recalls Randeep’s resignation matter. Yash talks to Randeep. Randeep gets Shiv’s call. Shiv says that he called him by mistake. Randeep says that some problem must occurred in the hotel. Shiv is informed that Ayan wants another dish to be added in the menu. Shiv agrees to consider it.

Ishani tells Sulochana that she won’t leave the house until Puja does not get married and Jagdish pays his loan. Jagdish asks Ishani to be the tigress in the house that she is for the outside world. Jagdish encourages her to fight for her rights always. Puja agrees with him. Ishani promises Jagdish that she will never tolorate any injustice. They share a hug. Bhupen meets Sumit and slaps him hard. Sumit gets agitated. Bhupen blames Sumit for everything. Sumit asks him to talk respectfully as he is a government officer. Bhupen threatens to kick Sumit out of his job. Bhupen says that Shiv misbehaved with him for Ishani.

Sumit says that he was beaten brutally by Shiv only because of Ishani. Bhupen says that Shiv can’t save Ishani everytime. Sumit agrees. Shiv calls Ishani and wishes to talk to Puja. Puja talks to him and informs Ishani that he wants to meet her. Sulochana becomes happy and asks her to get ready well. Ishani warns Puja about Shiv. Puja, Ishani and Sulochana appear at Shiv’s office. Shiv says that he called Puja only. Sulochana takes Ishani out. Shiv asks Sulochana to stay back. Puja says that she won’t stay back without Ishani. Shiv gears up to cancel the meeting. Ishani convinces Puja to stay and leaves. Shiv praises the order delivered by Puja and Ishani. He offers chef’s job to Puja at his hotel and says that she can’t work anywhere else not even at Sulochana food stall.

Puja gets thoughtful. Sulochana asks Puja to accept the offer. Puja gears up to leave. She stumbles and Shiv holds her. Sulochana likes their jodi. At home, Sulochana Pampers Puja. Ishani asks her to be careful. Puja says that she will manage. Ishani tells Puja that she is both happy and worried for her. Bhupen and Sashi plot against Shiv. Ishani thinks that Shiv must be upto something. Ishani calls Shiv and asks him to meet her. Shiv asks her to take appointment first. Ishani plans to meet Shiv prior to Puja’s joining.

The episode ends.

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