Lag Ja Gale 8th March 2023 Written Update: Shiv’s lookalike scams Kiran


Lag Ja Gale 8th March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Shiv’s driver informs him that an auto is following them. Shiv gets shocked after spotting Ishani in the auto. Ishani calls Shiv. Shiv calls her immature. He asks Ishani why she is following him, if Sumit did anything again. Ishani warns Shiv to not trouble Puja after becoming her boss. Shiv gets closer to Ishani and asks her what she will do. Ishani gets nervous. She controls herself, pushes Shiv away and leaves. Kiran holds a family meeting in presence of Shiv. She wishes to celebrate Holi as she remembers Aniket through the celebration. She seeks Shiv’s permission. Her family supports her decision.

Shiv becomes thoughtful. Later, Kiran discuss about Shiv and Ani’s childhood with Sashi and Tina. Kiran cries for Aniket. She wishes for Aniket to be alive and hear his voice once. A guy calls her and converse with her in female voice. He tells Kiran about Holi gift hampers and takes OTP from her. Kiran gets surprised seeing the bank message mentioning that 80000 rupees got deducted from her bank account. The scammer is Shiv’s lookalike and he stammers while speaking. Police raids their adda.

The guy try to escape along with his companions. They all decide to go under ground for three weeks. Shiv’s look alike decides to hide himself in Delhi as he is excited about the dowry culture that exists there. Jagdish makes a list to buy for the stall with Suraj. He worries about the expenses. Sulochana suggests him to ask Ishani for money. Jagdish says that he will manage everything. Ishani asks Puja to stay stress free and focus on her work as Puja gears up to leave for her work. She suggests Puja to stay away from Shiv and inform her if he troubles her.

Sulochana asks her to not bother about Puja. Ishani tells Jagdish to not worry for money and shows him a bank message which says Jagdish is having 450000 rupees in his bank account. She says it’s the money they have earned by delivering the previous order to Shiv Dhooper. As they don’t need to pay any fine, it’s their earnings only. Jagdish calls her Laxmi. Sulochana opposes him. Yash asks Shiv to not question much about the scam to Kiran as she is already very much embarrassed. Shiv goes to Kiran and gives her the money she lost. He asks her to not share her bank details over phone to anyone hereafter.

Kiran says sorry. She informs Shiv that Randeep also gave her 1.5 lakh rupees as he could not see Kiran’s sad face. Meena tries to feed a special Ladoo to Randeep’s wife so that she delivers a baby boy. Randeep’s wife says that Randeep desires a girl child. Shiv comes there and returns 1.5 lakh rupees to Randeep. He asks Randeep if he is looking for new job and asks him to not help his family hereafter. Randeep says that he won’t work with Shiv anymore. They pretend to fight with each other. They both smile and hug each other. They say sorry to each other. Shiv’s lookalike gears up to reach Delhi.

The episode ends.

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