Lag Ja Gale 9th March 2023 Written Update: Ishani’s letter for Shiv


Lag Ja Gale 9th March 2023 Written Update On

In today’s episode, Shiv’s lookalike reaches Delhi. Police checks his bus as they are looking for the fraud gang. Ishani drops Puja at Shiv’s hotel. She gives tips to Puja on how to ignore Shiv. Puja asks her why she bothers about Shiv so much. She informs Ishani that she takes Shiv Dhooper’s name in sleep also. Ishani becomes thoughtful. Puja goes inside. Ishani makes an agreement with Shiv’s manager to keep Shiv under her control. Shiv introduces Puja with Randeep. Puja says that she already knows Randeep. Puja thanks Shiv and Randeep for saving Ishani earlier.

Manager gives Ishani’s letter to Shiv. Shiv reads out the letter where Ishani warns Shiv to not trouble Puja. Shiv gets annoyed with his manager. Puja feels embarrassed. Randeep takes away the letter and read out the remaining parts. Shiv calls and questions Ishani about the letter. Ishani asks him to keep the letter safe. Shiv gets mad at Ishani. Puja apologies to Shiv on behalf of her sister. Randeep tells Puja that Shiv takes Ishani’s name whole day. Shiv asks both to get back to work. Shiv asks Randeep if he takes Ishani’s name whole day.

Randeep says yes. Shiv becomes thoughtful. Shiv’s lookalike gets down from bus. Meena comes at the same bus stop to meet her friend. She spots Shiv’s lookalike and thinks that he is Shiv. She hides her face. She wonders why Shiv is wearing clothes like a con artist and what he is doing at the bus stop. She plans to confront Shiv at home. She informs Bhupen about the matter. Rachna makes reels with Sulochana. Neeti asks her to increase her followers using a shortcut. She asks Rachna to buy 40000 followers by spending 40000 rupees. Rachna wonders how to arrange the money.

Neeti asks her to take the money from Jagdish’s account. Rachna agrees and asks what Neeti will do with the money. Neeti says that she will buy new smart phone. They decide to take the money from Jagdish giving some random excuses. They gear up to approach Jagdish. Ishani comes to pick up Puja. She sees that Puja is shedding tears. She takes Puja inside again. Shiv is busy in a meeting. Ishani comes there with Puja. She lashes out at Shiv for making Puja cry for the second time. Puja asks Ishani to stop. She says that she got tears while grinding chillies in the kitchen.

Ishani says that she was mistaken and says sorry to Shiv. Shiv asks her to stop. He asks Ishani to not appear infront of him without taking prior appointment. He says that Puja is his employee if she make any mistake he will punish her. He asks Ishani to not become Puja’s sheild. He asks Puja to leave with Ishani. Ishani and Puja leave. Shiv gets thoughtful. Ishani cries and tells Puja that hereafter she won’t let her feel incomplete ever. She promises to let Puja fight her own battle. Puja tells Ishani how much she loves her, Ishani’s presence matters to her. Ishani smiles.

The episode ends.