Lag Ja Gale Upcoming Story: Kiran will collide with Shiv’s lookalike!


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Zee TV’s recently launched show Lag Ja Gale stars Namik Paul and Tanisha Mehta in lead roles. The show tells about the journey of a self made young Punjabi hotelier Shiv Dhooper and a hard-working Maharashtrian girl, Ishani Kulkarni. Currently the show is gearing up for more drama.

In the previous episode, Shiv is rendered speechless when he notices that Ishani is dressed in traditional outfit. Yash notices Puja. So that Dhooper family wears Nawaris during the Holika Dahan celebration at their colony, Ishani claims that they have brought Nawari sarees for the family.

Ishani is informed by Shiv that this costume will not suit him. Shiv is asked to sample it by Ishani. Ishani asks what happened to Bhupen. She is told by Randeep that he will not be present at the event. Yash moves closer to Puja. He claims to be a designer and that he will don a saree today. When they see Yash and Shiv donning nawaris,

Puja and Ishani are taken aback. Shiv informs Ishani that his dress does not suit properly. Ishani apologises for her error. Ishani is questioned by Shiv about whether the error was deliberate. Shiv’s heights, according to Ishani, keep rising. Shiv’s relatives enquire about his bracelet after noticing it. Ishani, according to Shiv, forced him to don it.

Arrival of the Dhooper family at Ishani’s settlement. When Sulochana sees Shiv standing next to Ishani, she becomes concerned. Rachna is informed by Kiran that she has previously seen her. Yash confesses to Puja his affection for puran poli.

Puja claims she is unaware of any Punjabis who adore puran poli. Yash queries her about his appearance. Puja claims to be both shocked and astonished. Yash expresses gratitude to her. Kiran is hit by Rachna. Kiran remembers seeing Rachna earlier at a jewellery store.

In the upcoming episode, To perform the Holika Dahan puja, two individuals are invited to step forward. Sulochana requests that Puja and Shiv be sent ahead. Ishani is asked by Jagdish to join Shiv. Kiran runs into Shiv’s doppelganger.

To know what happens next stay tuned to Lag Ja Gale on Zee TV/Zee 5 app and this space.