Lag Ja Gale Upcoming Story: Meena will spot Shiv’s lookalike!


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Zee TV’s recently launched show Lag Ja Gale stars Namik Paul and Tanisha Mehta in lead roles. The show tells about the journey of a self made young Punjabi hotelier Shiv Dhooper and a hard-working Maharashtrian girl, Ishani Kulkarni. Currently the show is gearing up for more drama.

In the previous episode, Ishani pursues Shiv’s car. Ishani warns Shiv not to bother Puja after assuming her position as boss. Kiran holds a family meeting in Shiv’s presence. She desires to celebrate Holi because she will be reminded of Aniket during the festival.

Kiran laments Aniket. She desires to hear Aniket’s voice once if he is still alive. A male calls her and speaks to her using a female voice. He informs Kiran about Holi gift baskets and requests her OTP.

Kiran is shocked to see the bank message stating that 80,000 rupees have been deducted from her account. The con artist resembles Shiv and stutters while speaking. Police raids their adda. In Delhi, he decides to go underground.

Ishani tells Jagdish not to worry about money and shows him a bank message stating that he has 450000 rupees in his account. She explains that it is compensation for delivering the previous order to Shiv Dhooper. As they are not required to pay a fine, it is only their earnings.

Shiv reimburses Kiran for the money she lost. He requests that she not disclose her bank information over the phone in the future. She informs Shiv that Randeep also gave her one and a half million rupees because he was unable to see Kiran’s sad face. Eventually, Shiv and Randeep are reunited.

In the upcoming episode, Ishani lashes out at Shiv for again causing Puja to cry. Puja informs Ishani that she cried while grinding peppers. The lookalike of Shiv reaches Delhi.

He is observed by Meena at the bus stop. She concludes that it is Shiv and plans to confront him later.

To know what happens next stay tuned to Lag Ja Gale on Zee TV/Zee 5 app and this space.