Lag Ja Gale Upcoming Story: Will Sulochana be able to forgive Ishani for her humiliation?


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Zee TV’s recently launched show Lag Ja Gale stars Namik Paul and Tanisha Mehta in lead roles. The show tells about the journey of a self made young Punjabi hotelier Shiv Dhooper and a hard-working Maharashtrian girl, Ishani Kulkarni. Currently the show is gearing up for more drama.

In the previous episode, Shiv remembers Puja’s words and becomes agitated. Yash inquires about the blood stains on his shirt and his avoidance of his calls. Shiv advises him to never assist anyone. Sulochana and her daughters ridicule Ishani.

Jagdish hears and criticises everything he hears. Bhupen inquires about Shiv Ishani’s location. Shiv reports that she is hospitalised. Using the occasion, Bhupen requests that Sumit close Jagdish’s stall. Puja tries in vain to conceal the truth from Jagdish.

Jagdish, Sulochana, and their daughters are informed of Ishani’s condition. Jagdish prepares to visit the hospital. Sulochana implores him to proceed with caution. Meena attempts to incite Randeep against Shiv once more. Shiv meets Randeep face-to-face. Randeep leaves seeing Shiv.

Kiran calls Shiv as he departs for Bangalore and ties dhaga on his hand. Jagdish visits the hospitalised Ishani. Sumit and the men attempt to vacate their booth. Jagdish and Puja attempt in vain to stop them.

Sulochana exerts great effort and is slapped by police. Ishani regains her consciousness. She discovers that she has not yet received payment. She decides not to spare Shiv if the Sulochana food stall or Jagdish are damaged.

To know what happens next stay tuned to Lag Ja Gale on Zee TV/Zee 5 app and this space.