Lockdown Ki Love Story Upcoming Story 21st October 2020 : Dhruv makes Milky wear Sonam’s engagement ring

Lockdown Ki Ek Anokhi Love Story Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Lockdown Ki Ek Anokhi Love Story Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Lockdown Ki Ek Anokhi Love Story Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On SerialGossip.in

Sonam wakes up early in the morning. She wishes Good morning to Goddess, she doesn’t talk much to God but they know what she went through in this house in recent times. She wishes for strength to prove herself innocent, to remove the tag of making fun of her own marriage off her.

Nutan calls for Choti bahuriya, Sonam instantly gets up and says she woke up. Sheetal asks if she is still dreaming of becoming daughter-in-law of this house. Nutan says let her dream, in every dream she will make Milky sit in her place in mandap. Shashikant comes and sits to read newspaper. Nutan calls for Milky to wake up, she will get many more nights.

Dhruv calls for Milky to wake up, he says he is forced to stay with her in same room night, but at least leave him in day time. Milky thinks she won’t wake up like this, he has to touch her and wake up. She turns other side and pretends to sleep. Dhruv touches her with stick, she thinks he finally touched and wakes up. She sees stick and asks what is this way of waking up like a dog. He asks then how should he wake up, by touching her hair and wishing her Good morning baby. Milky says she is his wife and breaks her bangles, he asks what she is doing. She ruffles his hair and runs away. Milky comes down, Sheetal asks about bangles, Milky gets shy and tells to ask Dhruv. Dhruv comes down and Sheetal asks about his messy hair. He sees Sonam and puts an act as if he spent romantic night with Milky. Sheetal tells Milky to shower before going to kitchen. Milky leaves.

Family members sit on Sofa, Dhruv says he will narrate a story, a boy from Sangam and a girl from Sagar fall in love, later girl turns out to be wrong person. His father asks Dhruv not to spoil their mood in the morning. Dhruv tells them to listen, boy and girl go to a party, but girl says let’s go out, we shouldn’t stay where there’s no respect, but now she is staying at a place where no one wishes her. Sonam calls Dhruv to bring a bowl and put sanitizer in it. He brings it to her, she says she is the same Sonam with self respect. She always gave him her best, she doesn’t want to give her bad, Corona is worst of her, she doesn’t want to transfer it to anyone else. She is staying here till she is cured of it. She will leave after bringing out the truth behind the marriage. She removes her engagement ring and says Dhruv showed her lot of dreams while putting ring on her, now she will sanitize and return it so that it won’t have traces of Corona virus or traces of her feelings. She puts the ring in bowl, he takes it. Milky says her fingers looked empty, now it will also fulfill and asks Dhruv to make her wear the ring. Dhruv asks her to put it herself. Nutan says Sonam is looking in this direction, she will understand he is acting with Milky if he doesn’t make her wear ring. Dhruv puts ring on Milky’s finger.

Milky serves tea to everyone and comes to give tea to Sonam, she reminds Sonam how she told our groom on the day of wedding, Sonam corrected it as her groom, if she understood its meaning now.

Precap: Dhruv asks for a box to put Sonam in it and parcel her, Sonam hides from kidnappers.