Maati Se Bandhi Dor 17th June 2024 Written Update: Rannvijay breaks alliance with Vaiju

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 17th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Jaikant warning Vaiju that Rannvijay will make her suffer after marrying her. He keeps badmouthing Vasundhara and Vaiju asks him to stop speaking negative against her. Servant signs Jaikant about Rannvijay coming there and he starts provoking Vaiju again. Vaiju ends up slapping him which is seen by Rannvijay. As per the plan, servant starts shouting about Vaiju slapping Jaikant. He again misunderstands the situation and everyone gathers there. Jaikant lies that he was apologising to Vaiju and she slapped him instead.

Jaikant acts innocent and says Vaiju to slap on his other cheek too. Vasundhara questions Vaiju if he is telling the truth. But before she can answer, Rannvijay says that he has seen by himself Vaiju slapping Jaikant. But Vasundhara wants to know the reason from Vaiju. Ayo Saheb also speaks against Vaiju. Vasundhara asks Vaiju to say something in her defense but she denies. Jaya silently cries feeling helpless. Rannvijay says that he has something to tell. Jaikant smirks seeing his plan successful. Rannvijay says that he had thought not to judge her but this is second time she has hurt their family member.

Vasundhara is left speechless listening to Rannvijay’s allegations on Vaiju. Vaiju cries silently but doesn’t say anything. Durga feels happy with the breaking of alliance while others get upset as they return home from Rannvijay’s house. Durga scolds Vaiju but Kaveri says her to first see how disturbed Vaiju is. Even Jaya says that this is not the right time to say all this but Durga insists to blame Vaiju for her nature and calls her enemy of herself. She asks what was need to start fighting with Jaikant. Salim also tells that they need to listen to Vaiju first.

Sulekha and other members of Rannvijay’s family also object the decision of bringing Vaiju to their house. Vasundhara says that she wants to know Rannvijay’s opinion about this. Rannvijay tells that he has trusted Vasundhara’s opinion more than his love, he even tried to understand Vaiju forgetting his own love but now he feels it’s wrong decision. Rannvijay says he will go to Vaiju’s house and end this matter forever. Jaikant gets happy with his success. His parents compliment him for the same and enjoy at Vaiju’s misery. Durga sits drinking alcohol.

Jaya stops Durga from drinking and defends Vaiju. Salim comes running as he sees Rannvijay near Vaiju’s house. Jaya and Vaiju both get shocked hearing this. Jaya hides herself while Rannvijay enters the room. Rannvijay apologises to Vaiju for not being able to keep his promise . The episode ends with heartbroken Vaiju.


Rannvijay will confront Jaya about truth. Vaiju will be shattered.

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