Main Hoon Aparajita 10th March 2023 Written Update: Veer locks Chavi and Nia in the fire


The episode starts with Akshay saying to Aparajita that he is really feeling good playing with her and his family. Akshay reminds Aparajita how they used to enjoy in the festivals. Aparajita says to Akshay that she didn’t forget anything and says to Akshay how much she missed him after he left. Aparajita asks Akshay if he ever thought of Disha and Asha as he never asked about them when he called on Chavi’s birthday after he left to Dubai.

Veer mistakes someone else for Chavi and apologises to her. Veer looks for Chavi. Akshay says to Aprajita that she asks a lot of questions. Akshay asks Aparajita why doesn’t she think of happy memories instead of sad ones. Aparajita says she remembers everything. Aparajita asks Akshay what does he remember after he went to Dubai. Aparajita asks Akshay what is his most memorable moment? Akshay says to Aparajita that he only fell in love once.

Nia and Chavi come and say to Aprajita and Akshay that everyone is looking for her. They see Aparajita and Akshay in a drunken state. Asha says they have to make Aparajitha and Akshay drink some lemon juice to make them come out of their drunken state. Chavi agrees and decides to go and bring lemon juice. Nia also goes along with Chavi. Nia comes with Chavi into Aparajita’s home. Nia and Chavi talk about Aparajita and Akshay being together after they got drunk. Chavi and Nia smell something burning and they check it out. Chavi and Nia see the fire in the laundry and decide to save the clothes first. Veer comes into Aparajita’s home and sees that Nia and Chavi are trying to stop the fire in the laundry.

Veer decides to burn Chavi down. Veer looks for gasoline in the kitchen. Veer finds it. Chavi and Nia try to save the clothes in the laundry from the fire. Veer recalls what happened and pours gasoline everywhere. Chavi and Nia see that the fire is everywhere and they try to escape but Veer locks the door. Chavi feels that she saw Veer. Veer pours the Gasoline and lights Aparajita’s house on fire. Nia and Chavi think of what to do. Nia and Chavi look for a way to esacpe. Chavi bangs on the laundry door and calls for help. Nia feels suffocating because of smoke.

Chavi worries about Nia. Aparajita and Akshay call for Chavi. Asha and Disha think where is Arjun as they couldn’t see him. Dadi asks Akshay and Aparajita if their drunken state was down after drinking some lemon juice. Dadi says to Puppy that she did the right thing by bring bringing lemon juice. Mohini comes to Aparajita and says to Happy Holi to Aparajita. Mohini thinks after this Aparajita will be busy with getting her life on track.

Veer thinks before Aparajita knows that her laundry is on fire. Chavi is going to be burnt in this fire and his revenge will be completed.

Mohini comes and takes Akshay away from there. Someone comes and says to Aparajita that her laundry is on fire. Aaprajita hearing this worries about Chavi. Mohini injects Akshay with the weakening medicine. Someone comes and tells Akshay that Aparajita’s laundry is on fire. Chavi asks Nia not to lose hope and she will find a way out. Nia loses her consciousness. Aparajita, Asha and Disha worry about Chavi. The crowd tries to stop the fire. Aparajita, Asha and Disha come into their home. Aparajita tries to break the door with a table. Aparajita sees that it is locked from outside and unlocks the door and they go inside. Aparajita sees Chavi and Nia unconscious.

Episode ends.