Main Hoon Aparajita 12th March 2023 Written Update: Chavi reveals to Akshay and Aparajita that she saw Veer in the laundry fire


Main Hoon Aparajita 12th March 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Disha coming to Aparajita and Asha. Asha asks Disha how is Nia? Disha says Nia is in ICU and she is unconscious. Aparajita thinks Chavi and Nia is unconscious and worries about Chavi. Aparajita asks the nurse where is the doctor? The nurse says the doctor will come when he is free. Akshay comes and argues with the nurse about the doctor not being here till now. Akshay sees the doctor coming and he pulls the doctor to Chavi and asks the doctor to check Chavi.

Aparajita takes Akshay to a side and asks him to calm down. Akshay says he couldn’t calm down as two of his daughters are in critical condition.

Aparajita comes to the ICU to check on Nia. Aparajita asks Dadi how is Nia? Dadi says she doesn’t know and says doctor only said Nia is fine but she is worried about Nia. Dadi asks Aparajita how is Chavi? Aparajita shares her grief with Dadi as Chavi had to go through a lot of things in her life. Aparajita prays to God for Chavi’s well being. Asha and Disha console Aparajita by hugging her. Aparajita also worries about Nia and feels guilty about not being able to see Nia. Aparajita blames herself for not being able to see Nia. Asha and Disha asks Aparajita not to feel guilty. Aparajita says she will go. Dadi asks Aparajita where is she going? Aparajita says they need to pay some money for the hospital. Aparajita says she needs to break her fixed deposit to pay for Chavi’s treatment. Akshay says to Aparajita that she doesn’t need to break her FD and says he will take care of the hospital fees. Aparajita says she will take care of it. Akshay argues with Aparajita about it. The inspector comes and asks Aparajita if she suspects anyone about the Laundry fire. Mohini says to the inspector that Aparajita is the reason for everything. Mohini says it is not important who started the fire but it is important who used it to her advantage and blames Aparajita for leaving Nia in the fire. Aparajita says she didn’t do anything.

Aparajita takes Mohini to a side and explains to Mohini that if she knew that Nia was there then she would have saved Nia first. Aparajita explains to Mohini that it is not time for them to blame each other and says it is time for them to support each other. The nurse comes and says Chavi has regained consciousness.

Akshay and Aparajita ask Chavi if she saw anything in the laundry when the fire started. Chavi says she saw Veer when there is fire in the laundry. Akshay and Aprajita decide to to talk to the inspector about Veer.

Disha prays to God about Chavi’s well being and hopes that she will find Veer. Arjun comes and asks Disha about how Chavi is? Disha says Chavi has regained consciousness and asks Arjun about Nia. Arjun feels bad as he met Nia in this situation. Disha gets to know that Arjun came to India from Dubai to meet Nia. Arjun asks Disha how did the laundry catch fire? Disha says it is man made. Arjun asks Disha about it. Disha comments on Veer.

The inspector checks out on Veer. The inspector asks Veer if he went anywhere. Veer asks the inspector how could he go as he is locked to the bed. Sunil also defends Veer. The inspector calls the constable and asks the constable why isn’t he picking up the calls. The constable makes up a reason for it. The constable also says he is keeping an eye on Veer and he didn’t go anywhere the whole night. It is shown that Sunil tells the constable to lie for his son.

Akshay talks with Inspector on the phone. Akshay after the call says to Chavi and Aprajita that inspector has checked that Veer is in the hospital and he is locked so he couldn’t escape. Chavi says how is it possible as she saw Veer with her own eyes. Akshay says to Chavi that she might have hallucinated. Aaprajita says the cops are investigating and they will find the truth.

Episode ends.