Main Hoon Aparajita 14th March 2023 Written Update: Nia blames Aparajita


Main Hoon Aparajita 14th March 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Akshay recalling what happened with Chavi. Aparajita comes and asks Akshay what is he thinking? Akshay asks Aparajita why is she encouraging Chavi’s hallucination. Aparajita says why is he thinking that Chavi is hallucinating. Akshay reminds Aparajita what the inspector said and says the reason behind the fire might be something else. Aparajita asks Akshay what is the reason for the fire? Akshay says to Aparajita that she is the reason for the fire. Akshay blames Aparajita for the fire and the children’s situation. Dadi asks Akshay to think twice before blaming Aparajita. Akshay says to Dadi that he isn’t saying anything without thinking. Akshay reminds Aparajita that the inspector said the fire happened because of a current short circuit. Akshay reminds Aparajita that he offered his help but she didn’t take it and did it herself and says she is the reason for the short circuit. Aparajita says she will never forgive her if something happens to her daughters. Akshay leaves from there. Aparajita says to Dadi she repaired it good. Dadi asks Aparajita to trust herself. Chavi is shown to be in a lot of pain because of the burns.

Mohini asks Akshay if he is alright. Akshay says yes and says now he is not feeling any pain. Mohini asks the nurse how is Nia? The nurse says the patient’s condition is critical and they have to do some treatment. Aparajita asks the nurse to do something seeing Chavi in pain as the painkillers are not working.

Aparajita comes to Lord Shiva and asks God to reduce the children’s pain and asks God to give the pain to her if he has to give pain. Aparajita puts her hand on the Diya and says to Lord Shiva that she will not take off this hand until both of the girls are safe and says this is her promise as a mother.

Disha is shown to be talking to someone. Disha sees Arjun and asks him how is Nia? Arjun says nobody isn’t saying anything and complaints to Disha about it. Disha sees that Arjun’s hand got burnt. Disha calls a nurse and says Arjun’s hand needs dressing. The nurse dresses Arjun. Mohini says to Manish on the phone that she is worried about Nia and says she tried to burn Aparajita’s laundry to teach her a lesson but Nia became collateral she doesn’t know how. Mohini sees Aparajita in the Mandir and backs away and says to Manish that she just saw Aparajita if not she would have spoken something she shouldn’t. Mohini says she will call him later and cuts the call.

Chavi falls asleep. The doctor after checking out Nia comes out of the ICU. Asha stops Aparajita from hurting her hand. She says Chavi is fine. Aparajita asks how Nia is. Dadi says she is out of danger. Aparajita thanks god. Nia sees Arjun in her room and asks how he came here. Arjun says it’s a long story, get well soon to know it. Aparajita, Dadi, and Asha come there. Nia feels scared seeing Aparajita and asks Akshay to ask Aparajita to stay away from her. Akshay asks why she is feeling scared seeing Aparajita. Aparajita asks if she is upset with her. Nia says you left me to die in the fire accident and didn’t think to save me. Aparajita says she didn’t see her. Nia says you saw me. The doctor asks Nia to not feel stressed. Akshay says you may be mistaken. Nia says no, Aunty saw me but she didn’t save me. Asha and Dadi try to tell Nia. Mohini stops them and accuses Aparajita. The doctor asks everyone to leave. Aparajita leaves. Nia asks Akshay how Aparajita can do this. The doctor makes everyone leave. Outside, Mohini confronts Aparajita why she did it. Aparajita says she didn’t see Nia and asks Akshay to trust her. Mohini takes a surgical scissors and tries to attack Aparajita. Akshay stops her.

Episode ends.

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