Main Hoon Aparajita 14th November 2022 Written Update: Aparajita’s shocking decision


Main Hoon Aparajita 14th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Veer coming to Aparajita’s house. Disha sees him. Chavi and Asha come there too. They are shocked to see him. Disha shouts at him how dare you come here? Veer ignores her and goes to Chavi. Disha is about to attack him with a bucket but Aparajita stops her and reveals to them that she called him. Everyone gets surprised. Veer is about to take Aparajita’s blessings. She stops him saying it’s not needed. She makes Veer sit and serves him food. Veer apologizes to her. Aparajita says we can talk later so first eat. Veer eats the food. Aparajita asks in which matter he is apologising? She says she may never allow him to talk to Chavi because of his past actions. Veer coughs. Chavi feels concerned and is about to give him water. Aparajita gives him water. She says she trusts Chavi’s choice and asks him to give them some time to know if he is correct to Chavi or not. Aparajita says Chavi needs to complete her studies, you need to reach your destination if you have any goal and until then you guys can stay as friends. Veer promises her that they will be friends until Chavi completes her studies. Chavi thanks Aparajita.

Aparajita informs her decision to Amma on call. Amma says she is against her decision. Aparajita says I saw love in Chavi and I gave her freedom to choose what’s best for her. Chavi and Veer discuss that they can never break the trust of Aparajita. Akshay sees Veer and Chavi from his balcony and goes downstairs in anger.

Amma asks Aparajita what if her decision goes wrong. Aparajita says I’m scared but I trust my kids won’t break my tryst like Akshay. Amma says Mohini changed Akshay and he is not that bad and wishes everything is alright between you and Akshay. Aparajita says it’s not a mistake of Mohini and the one who cheated me is Akshay and there is no place for him in my life. Amma says they don’t know what happens in future.

Akshay scolds Veer for coming to meet Chavi. He warns Veer to leave. Chavi tries to stop him but he didn’t listen. Asha calls out Aparajita. Akshay holds Veer’s collar. Aparajita asks Akshay to leave Veer and tells him that she called him and I accepted their friendship. Akshay gets shocked. Mohini gives jewellery for polishing and she asks him to add diamonds in Aparajita’s mangalsutra as she wants to wear it in KarvaChauth. He agrees. Amma calls him upstairs to take her jewellery. Aparajita sends Veer and she sends her daughters inside. Akshay asks the neighbors to leave. He asks Aparajita won’t she is scared thinking about what locality people think. Aparajita says she stopped thinking about neighbors and their talks when he left her. Akshay says you will regret your decision and she may listen to you if you told her. Aparajita questions if he listened to Amma. He gets shocked. Aparajita asks him to leave.

Akshay returns home. Nia asks why he looks tense. Akshay shares with her that Aparajita is not letting him meet his daughter. He goes inside. Nia thinks she will make her dad meet his daughters. Chavi on call apologises to Veer for Akshay’s behaviour. Veer says he forgot it and tells her that he is going to fast for her for karvachaut and asks her to fast for him without Aparajita’s knowledge. He asks her to have his name Mehendi on her hand as he has on his heart. Chavi asks what he meant. Veer comes there and surprises Chavi. He shows her name on his heart and tells her that she is his reason for living. He leaves. Aparajita messages Disha’s hair. Disha says to her that her decision is wrong. Aoarajita says they have to trust Chavi. Veer returns. He kisses Chavi and tells her that he waits for her tomorrow when the world waits for moon.

Episode ends.

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