Main Hoon Aparajita 18th November 2022 Written Update: Akshay and Aparajita rush to save their daughters


Main Hoon Aparajita 18th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Akshay and Aparajita hiding from protestors. Chavi goes to meet Veer. She gets surprised to see the arrangements. She asks what are all these. Veer says he lied to her to call her. Chavi says she has only 15 m and says she will leave. Veer asks her to wait for some time. She hears the commotion. She opens the window and gets shocked to see riots. She asks Veer what’s happening. Aparajita safely hands over Dolly to Puppy. Veer tells Chavi that it’s a political protest and assures her that she will be safe with him. Chavi says she came with her sisters and she can’t leave them alone. Disha and co wait for Chavi. Disha attends the call. Riots enter the hotel. Disha, Nia, and Asha hide from them. Disha asks Chavi to not come to the restaurant and asks her to return home. The call gets disconnected. Puppy thanks Aparajita and returns home. Aparajita calls Disha. Disha tells Aparajita that they were trapped in the restaurant. Aparajita says she will come to their rescue and asks her to tell the hotel’s name again. Disha asks her to not come and the call gets disconnected. Asha and Nia get scared and cry in fear. Disha supports them.

Chavi says she will leave but Veer stops her and asks her to tell Aparajita that she is with her friend. Chavi says she can’t lie and tells him that she will tell her mom that she is with him. She calls Aparajita but the call doesn’t get connected. Aparajita asks Inspector to allow her to go outside as she needs to save her daughters and phones are not getting connected. Inspector says phones won’t work because of jammers and he asks her to go inside. Veer tells Chavi that they are safe inside. Chavi scolds him for calling her even after knowing the situation in the city. Aparajita asks Guffran to close the doors until she returns and she rushes to save her daughters.

Asha in tears says what if they burn us. Disha comforts her and tells them that they can escape if they reach the kitchen. Thru slowly move towards the Kitchen side. Chavi leaves without listening to Veer. Police try to stop Aparajita but she hides from them and escapes from another way. Protestors get information about Veer and Chavi’s location and they decide to go to that place. Veer asks Chavi to stop. Chavi says you don’t know about my Mom and she will risk her life to save us once she knows we are not fine so I need to go home. Veer sees protesters coming in that way and stops Chavi on time.

Protestors are about to attack Aparajita. Akshay comes to her aid on time and saves her from them. Asha, Nia fears seeing how protestors are beating customers and staff. Protesters notice Disha and her sisters. They try to attack them. Disha tries to stop him. Nia hits goon with a vase to save Disha. Disha gets impressed. Veer scolds Chavi and tells her that he won’t let her risk her life. Chavi says she is feeling worried for her mom and feels guilty for coming to meet him. Disha, Asha, and Nia thrash protestors. Few more protestors enter the hotel. Veer says to Chavi to that she is his responsibility and tells her that he will leave her safely home. Aparajita hides on Akshay’s shoulder in fear. He scolds her for coming out. She asks why he came out? She thanks him for help and tells him that she needs to go to hotel star orchid to save her daughters. Akshay says Nia is also there and seems like she planned to make me meet my daughters. He tries to call. She tells him no network in this area. She cries for her daughters. Akshay tells her nothing will happen to their daughters. Aparajita says they can’t stay here. They rush to save their daughters.

Episode ends.

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