Main Hoon Aparajita 1st March 2023 Written Update: Chavi decides to commit suicide


Main Hoon Aparajita 1st March 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Aparajita giving all the girls buttermilk. Aparajita sees Chavi is feeling down and tries to cheer her up. Asha talks to Aparajita about their lives and how they used to live. Aparajita reminds Asha they can still live like that. Aparajita offers Chavi to have some buttermilk. Chavi recalls what happened and asks Aparajita if it is wrong to love someone. Aparajita comments on it.

Mohini sees Akshay packing his bags. Mohini asks Akshay where is he going? Akshay says as he saw her true form today he couldn’t stay with her in the same room. Mohini tries to stop Akshay from leaving and asks him if he is going to Aparajita. Akshay says this is the first time he saw someone going down in love and comments on Mohini. Mohini says to Akshay she loves him. Akshay says it is not love but obsession and leaves from there.

Chavi says to Aparajita that she is right that they should not love the wrong person if not they will suffer. Aparajita gives herself as an example and says to Chavi about it. While Aparajita is talking about Akshay. Akshay comes to Aparajita’s house and sees her from the doorstep but doesn’t go inside. Aparajita and Akshay look at each other and Akshay leaves from there. Aparajita encourages Chavi.

In the morning Aparajita is shown to be doing Pooja as normal. Chavi and Asha talk about Aparjita not feeling down no matter what the situation is. Aparajita gives them Aarathi and says they have to go to college from Monday. They ask if Chavi is going to come with them. Aparajita says Chavi might come. Aparajita gets a call from Ritika and asks her to come to the police station. Aparajita agrees. Aparajita tells Disha about it.

Aparajita asks Ritika to sign the police complaint and end Veer’s Chapter here. Veer is shown to be in the police cell and threatens Ritika that he will not be able to keep him here for long. The inspector asks him to shut up. Aparajita encourages Ritika to sign the police complaint. Ritika signs on the police complaint. Ritika thanks Aparajita for giving her encouragement. Aparajita says to Ritika her sister is waiting for her. Ritika thanks Aparajita for finding her sister. Aparajita gives them some money to restart their lives again. Ritika thanks Aparajita for that. Veer asks Aparajita how can she wipe off the scars he gave to Chavi’s heart.

Chavi is shown to have tied a saree in a knot to hang herself. Chavi sees Disha and Asha coming into the room and hides the saree. Asha and Disha see that Chavi is feeling down so they decide to make Kheer for her. Chavi hugs them and says she is going to miss them. Disha asks Chavi if she is thinking of going anywhere. Chavi says there is nothing like that. Asha and Disha leave from there.

Akshay offers help to Aparajita to pick up her bags. Aparajita rejects his help. Aparajita asks Akshay why did he come yesterday and leave like that? Akshay recalls what happened yesterday. Akshay says to Aparajita that he is worried that he couldn’t do anything to Chavi while she is down. Aparajita says they can only support her and says only Chavi herself can get out of this tough situation. Aaprajita says she is making pizza to cheer up Chavi. Akshay talks to Aparajita and leaves from there.

Chavi is shown to be writing a letter. Aparajita comes into Chavi’s room. Chavi seeing Aparajita coming hides the letter from Aparajita and puts it under the pillow. Aparajita asks Chavi how is she? Chavi says she is feeling down? Aparajita says if she sits in the room she will only feel down. Aparajita asks Chavi to freshen up and says she made her favourite pizza today. Chavi goes to freshen up.

Aparajita opens the window and cleans the room. While setting the bed the letter that Chavi wrote falls on the ground. Aparajita reads the letter in which Chavi wrote to Aparajita. Chavi writes about a childhood event in which a few children throw rocks at a bird’s nest and Aparajita stops the children from doing that and says to them how much the bird puts work into building that nest. Chavi refers to herself as the bird and says she is also feeling like the bird as she dreamed of new life with Veer but fate threw a big rock into their lives. Chavi says she tried to be brave like her but she couldn’t and says when she searched herself she only found a weak little girl. Chavi says she is leaving forever and asks Aparajita to take care of herself. Aparajita gets worried seeing the letter.

Episode ends.

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