Main Hoon Aparajita 20th January 2023 Written Update: Mohini tries to make Akshay recall his memory


Main Hoon Aparajita 20th January 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Asha going to shop. She sees the shop owner didn’t remove 2003 year labels. She asks why he didn’t remove them. He says he thought he still has time. Asha helps him to remove all calendars and year labels. Aparajita brings Akshay to the shop and unfolds his blindfold. Asha feels tensed seeing them and she drops one calendar while hiding from them. Aparajita takes Akshay inside. She smiles seeing Asha. Mohini decides to spoil Aparajita and Akshay’s date. Akshay asks shop owner when they will get Aparajita’s mangalsutra. Shop owner says it will take 2 days as their workers are on leave. Akshay requests him to set it soon. Asha sees the calendar near Akshay’s feet. She signs it to Aparajita. Aparajita takes it before Akshay sees it. Aparajita says let’s leave. Akshay asks her to try some sets and makes her wear Kundan jewelry. Asha records everything on her phone. Akshay praises Aparajita’s beauty. He back hugs Aparajita and says he is proud of his love for her so much. Asha thinks her dad is a romantic king, not Srk.

Mohini on the call tells Manish that she will spoil Aparajita’s plans once she finds them. A couple in the shop praises Akshay and Aparajita Jodi. Aparajita says she doesn’t want jewellery and removes all the jewelry. Akshay requests Aparajita to come with him for saree shopping. Aparajita says they have to leave home for Chavi. Akshay says Puppy will take care of them so call her. Mohini spots Akshay and Aparajita. She calls Manish and tells him that she found them and will make Akshay learn the truth.

The customer creates a scene at the laundry. Disha messages Asha to stop Aparajita there and informs her about the scene at the laundry. Asha sees the message and thinks they just left. Mohini sends Biker. He drives towards Aparajita and Akshay. Both fall on different sides because of the biker. Akshay wakes up and sees Aparajita is missing. Mohini takes Aparajita with her and asks if she came to enjoy the date with Akshay. Aparajita scolds her for thinking wrongly. She goes to search for Akshay. Mohini men inform Akshay’s location to Mohini. Mohini goes to Akshay. Akshay searches for Aparajita. Mohini meets him and asjs him won’t he feels Aparajita is hiding something from him. Akshay asks what she means. On another side, Aparajita searches for Akshay. Mohini asks Akshay if won’t he feel the change in Aparajita once he returns from the hospital. Akshay says you don’t need to worry about our matters. Mohini stops him and says she and Manish are living in his renovated house. Akshay asks what’s she talking about. Mohini asks him to come with her to see what changed in his house and life. Akshay says he will come after informing the shop owner. Mohini thinks she will get back her Akshay.

Mohini takes Akshay to their house. Akshay enters the house and feels shocked seeing the changes in the house. Asha meets Aparajita and asks what happened. Aparajita says Akshay is missing and hopes Mohini didn’t do anything as she was here. Akshay says everything is changed at the house and this can’t be my house. Asha reveals to Aparajita that the issue is happening at the laundry and we have to keep dad away as he doesn’t know about laundry. Akshay says he didn’t know about these changes. Mohini says your wife is hiding many things from you. Akshay asks Mohini to tell him what Aparajita is hiding. Mohini asks Akshay to think what happened in his life and says to him that Aparajita hid the truth from him and lied to him. The shop owner sees Aparajita and tells her that Akshay left for home. Akshay feels pain in his head. He says what’s happening in his life and falls unconscious taking Aparajita’s name. Mohini feels worried.

Episode ends.

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