Main Hoon Aparajita 22nd January 2023 Written Update: Aparajita feels helpless


Main Hoon Aparajita 22nd January 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Akshay asking Aparajita to tell him I love you to know what Mohini said to him otherwise he will go back to Mohini to learn the complete truth. Aparajita asks him to not behave stubbornly. Akshay acts like going. Aparajita cries helplessly. She thinks her promise to Amma is that she won’t let Akshay go to Mohini and let Mohini harm Akshay. She goes outside. Akshay smiles seeing her and says I know that you’re jealous hearing Mohini’s name and I’m waiting to hear how much you love me so please tell me. Aparajita asks him to tell what Mohini told him to make him fall unconscious. Akshay back hugs her and asks her to say. Aparajita cries. Akshay sees she is not comfortable and leaves her. Aparajita recalls the insults she faced from Akshay and Mohini.

Akshay opens the door to go out. Aparajita says I love you Akshay. Puppy and another neighbor hear it. Akshay returns to Aprajita and tells her he may not go to Mohini if she didn’t tell him I love you. He says I love you so don’t cry as Akshay is yours and Mohini said to me that there is a problem in our marriage and you’re hiding something from me. He asks if she is hiding anything. Aparajita nods no. Akshay asks why Mohini and Manish are staying there and why you have a problem wearing sindoor. He feels dizzy. He hugs Aparajita and says he trusts her and he doesn’t want to know what’s hiding. Aparajita takes him to the room and gives him a pill. She asks him to take a rest. Akshay stops her and says he will never leave her and he is so much happy with her love confession. She asks him to take a rest and goes out.

Aparajita in tears questions god why they are testing her. She prays to god to not test her. Veer back hugs Chavi. Chavi feels uncomfortable and tells him it’s not good to hug her. Veer says your mom doesn’t trust me, is it correct? He argues with her. Aparajita comes there calling Chavi. Veer hides. Aparajita tells Chavi that she is going to talk to Doctor as his health is not good because of Mohini so take care of your dad. Chavi agrees. Aparajita leaves. Chavi asks Veer to stay in her room and goes out. Veer thinks he is waiting to kill Akshay. Akshay asks Amma where is Chavi. Amma says she is playing outside. Akshay asks Amma to keep the red box safe which he gave to her 2days back. He says he will collect it once he wakes up. Amma asks her grandchildren about the red box which Akshay gave her 20 years back. Asha says they will search for it. Amma asks them to search for it and says she will take care of Akshay. Chavi informs it to Veer. Veer asks her to message him if they are returning home and promises her that he will take care of Akshay. Chavi thanks him and leaves. Veer thinks he gets an amazing opportunity to finish Akshay.

Episode ends.

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