Main Hoon Aparajita 22nd November 2022 Written Update: One of the protestors saves Aparajita and Akshay


Main Hoon Aparajita 22nd November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Goon about to open the cupboard door but another Goon stops him. Chavi and Veer feel relaxed. On another side, one protestor tells his men that their sir gave time to Sunil Thakur and if he didn’t agree to our demands then we need to kill these two. He leaves. Another protestor feels worried when his daughter is not attending his calls. Akshay scolds Aparajita for her move. He says you came to show your courage but kids are trapped there and we are trapped here. Aparajita says true I did a mistake by coming to save men who left me and my kids 15 years back. Akshay calls Protestor and asks him to kill him. The protestor warns them to stop talking. He asks how many kids they have. Aparajita says 3. Akshay says 5. The protestor asks if he married twice. Akshay warns him to do his work. The protestor gets angry and chokes Akshay.

Aparajita requests him to leave Akshay as he is worried for his daughter and you’re a father and you may know it too. The protestor stops thinking about his daughter. On another side, Goon attacks Disha. Aparajita asks if he has kids. The protestor says he has one kid who stays with her mother and she hates me because her mother told her that I’m a bad man who does wrong work. Akshay asks if he didn’t do second marriage. Protestor says no. Akshay says you’re fine unlike me and my wives are sandwiching me and not letting me live my life. Aparajita says she is not interested to return his life. Aparajita tells the protestor that one can become a good father and tells him that kids follow their parent’s route so make your daughter know you love her and show how much she matters to you and win back her trust. Akshay and Protestor look on.

Sunil Thakur tells Opposition party leader that Akshay is noone to him and asks him to kill Akshay if he can. He disconnects the call. That time Mohini and Manish come there. Sunil feel tensed seeing them. Aparajita says your daughter will lose trust in you if she saw you as the culprit in this protest so don’t lose her trust and do one good thing then everything will become good. Mohini requests Sunil to save her husband. Sunil asks them to sit and tells them that he has to make a call. Manish and Mohini plead with him. Sunil says he is worried for his son so he can’t help them.

Protestor comes to Akshay’s room. He tells his men that they need to kill Akshay as Sunil refused the deal. He is about to kill Akshay but Protestor who Aparajita talked hits him from behind. He saves them. Aparajita tells him she will pray for him and leaves.

Chavi says they are searching for you. Veer asks her to stay silent. Chavi says she wants to call her mom. Veer asks her to wait for some more time. Akshay and Aparajita come near the Kitchen area and knocks on the door. Goon who falls unconscious gains his senses. Veer comes out and notices Goons left. He tells Chavi that they left and asks Chavi to break his fast. Chavi says no, we need to go home. Veer stops her in anger. Someone is about to open the door. Akshay and Aparajita hide. Nia opens the door and hugs Akshay. Aparajita comes there and calls her daughter’s. Asha comes out. Akshay forwards his hands but Asha and Disha run to their mom. Akshay feels bad.

Aparajita notices unconscious men and asks what happened. Disha reveals to her how they thrash him with the pan. Aparajita asks where is Chavi. Disha says Chavi may reach home as I asked her to go home. Aparajita says she is not at home. Akshay asks them where Chavi went leaving them. Disha says she went to meet Veer. Aparajita says Goons are behind Veer. Veer tells Chavi that he will die of hunger if she doesn’t break his fast. Chavi asks him to stop his madness. Veer says he is serious. Chavi asks if he loves her this much. Veer agrees and hugs her. Opposition leader members notice Veer and Chavi. He calls his boss and asks whether he wants them to bring Veer and his girlfriend. Aparajita says Chavi’s phone is not connecting. They come out to search for Chavi but get shocked seeing the goons.

Episode ends.

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