Main Hoon Aparajita 26th January 2023 Written Update: Veer makes Chavi apologise to Aparajita


Main Hoon Aparajita 26th January 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Aparajita saying to Disha that she will not wear the ring nor celebrate Marriage anniversary. Disha asks Aparajita what will she do? Aparajita says she decided to leave home but she is worried about Akshay. Disha says she will fix cameras in Akshay’s room and there is no need to worry about Akshay.

Disha says to Aparajita that she fixed baby cameras in Akshay’s room and says only she can see them and no one else. Aparajita asks Disha if she talked to Chavi. Disha says she didn’t. Akshay calls for Aparajita. Aparajita gets tensed and hides from him. Akshay asks Disha if she saw Aparajita. Disha says Aparajita already left the house. Akshay asks what’s in this room? Disha doesn’t allow Akshay to open the door as Aparajita is hiding behind it. Disha makes up a reason. Akshay believes Disha and leaves from there.

Aparajita recalls what Disha said. Chavi comes and hugs Aparajita and apologises to Aparajita for her behaviour with her. Chavi says Veer made her realise her mistake. Veer comes to Aparajita and Chavi. Chavi says Veer told her that there were a lot of issues between him and Ritika. Chavi says Veer told her that Ritika only loved him for his money and when he knew about Ritika’s true character he left her. So Ritika and her sister made a fake video of hurting herself and tried to blackmail money from him. Veer apologises to Aparajita on behalf of Chavi as she suspected her. Veer says she can look for any clues and says if she finds them then he will accept any kind of punishment. Chavi leaves from there. Veer later tells Aparajita that in this generation that girls listen to their lovers more than their parents. Veer says he will never tell Chavi the truth and she will never know what happened. Aparajita comments on it. Veer leaves from there. Mohini thinks Aparajita will get her marriage anniversary gift today.

Asha brings Kiara and Aparajita tells Kiara what she has to do. Women’s association women come to Aparajita’s house and break everything in the house. Aparajita asks who are they? Mohini comes and says they are from Women’s association and says they came here to get justice for her as she stole her husband from her. Women’s association women blame Aparajita for stealing Mohini’s husband. Akshay thinks it would have been good if Aparajita wished him once on their marriage anniversary. The women’s association women blame Aparajita for stealing Mohini’s husband as he lost his memory. Aparajita asks Asha to go to Akshay and make sure that he doesn’t hear all of this. Mohini is shown to have given money to the women’s association women to discredit Aparajita and humiliate her. Asha goes inside and tells Disha what happened. Akshay comes and sees Kiara. Kiara asks Akshay to play with her. Akshay says no and says they are both going to go to the market and surprise Aparajita. Aparajita tries to explain to the women’s association women but they don’t listen to her and shout slogans against Aparajita.

Episode ends.

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