Main Hoon Aparajita 27th November 2022 Written Update: Disha confronts Chavi


Main Hoon Aparajita 27th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Chavi on the call asking Veer to not message her repeatedly and tells him that she can’t marry him now. Veer says I’m pressurizing you but you have to tell your decision tonight itself. Aparajita calls Chavi. Chavi cuts the call and she thinks why Veer is pressurising her. Mohini feeds food to Nia. Nia praises Aparajita’s qualities. Mohini gets upset and asks her to eat without talking. Nia says she is full and leaves. Manish comes there and asks Mohini why her mood is looking worse than the current situation of the city. He asks her what happened. Mohini says Aparajita changed my world in a short time and she is separating my family from me and what if Akshay reconcile with her then what will happen to me.

Aparajita asks Chavi how Veer behaved with her when she is with him. She asks if he tries to cross the limit. Chavi says no and I didn’t know that he is going to propose to me. Aparajita says you guys know each other for short time. Chavi says it’s been 3 months and he is good. Aparajita says 3 months is not enough and shades of a person come out with time and I got terrified seeing Veer’s anger. Chavi says even Disha gets angry. Aparajita says both are different. Chavi thinks how to tell mom that his Junoon gives me strength. She tells Aparajita that she feels Veer is her soulmate. Aparajita says I agree that you guys are for eachother but think how you guys live after marriage without getting settled in life? Chavi thinks she has to make her mom ready for her marriage with Veer.

Sunil receives a video of Veer’s romance with Chavi. The manager says the Opposition party leader send this video and they are threatening to ruin Veer’s reputation if you didn’t take back the case and ticket. Sunil gets angry at Veer. Chavi tells Aparajita that she is understanding what she is trying to tell her. She tells Aparajita to trust her and tells her that she won’t marry Veer without her permission and promises her that she will never break her trust. Aparajita thinks she can’t think about Chavi’s marriage until she learns completely about Veer and she feels something is suspicious of him.

Akshay tells Manish that he get a belief that Veer is a good person and can take good care of Chavi. Aparajita asks Chavi to not take any decision in rush. Aparajita tries to remove her bangles but she takes back her hand and leaves.

Chavi returns to her room. She feels guilty for hiding Veer’s name from Aparajita. Disha notices Veer’s name on Chavi’s hand and confronts why is she lying to them. Chavi says she is not lying. Aparajita comes there and asks what lies. Disha manages the situation. Aparajita leaves. Mohini confronts Akshay for not thinking about her. She tells Akshay that he got saved because of her fast not because of Aparajita. Amma comes there and says Aparajita did the fast too and Akshay broke her fast. Mohini gets upset. She says Aparajita is cunning and she made you break her fast. Amma warns Mohini to not talk anything against Aparajita. Mohini creates a scene. Akshay says it’s an accident and he asks Nia to tell what happened. Nia says Aparajita aunty fainted and dad made her drink water. Mohini tells Akshay that she won’t eat or drink water. She leaves to her room. Nia says she will talk to her. Akshay stops Nia and goes after Mohini. Amma thinks she will see how much time she will do this hunger strike.

Guffran gives the bill to Aparajita. Aparajita takes it. He asks her how is Chavi. Aparajita thinks about Veer and couldn’t concentrate on calculations. Guffran corrects her. Aparajita sends him saying they can check later. Aparajita thinks to find Veer’s truth.

Episode ends.

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