Main Hoon Aparajita 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Chavi and Asha get eve teased


Main Hoon Aparajita 3rd March 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Asha saying to Aparajita that Akshay is taking them to a movie after that they are also going to eat the food. Akshay comes and apologises to Aparajita that he made this program without telling her. Akshay asks the girls to get ready. Aparajita asks what is this suddenly? Akshay says he doesn’t know how to do pizza so he is doing this and says he is doing this to cheer up Chavi. He says Nia is also coming. Aparajita asks if Mohini is also coming? Akshay says no. Akshay asks Aparajita to also get ready and he leaves from there. Akshay says he has to talk to her about something important later and leaves from there.

Mohini decides to stop Akshay from going with the girls. Mohini acts as she is sad. Nia comes and asks Mohini why is she crying? Mohini says she is very regretful for what she did and asks Nia why can’t Akshay forgive him? Nia asks Mohini if there is anything she can do? Mohini says yes and asks Nia to give this tablet to Akshay making up a reason. Nia agrees to give this tablet to Akshay. Mohini thinks to herself that this tablet will make Akshay weak and it will give her a reason for her to take Akshay back to Dubai for his treatment.

Asha decides to take Selfie and put it in her status. Chavi says they can take selfie with Akshay. Asha agrees. Mohini comes and says Akshay is not going to come as he is asleep. Aparajita says she doesn’t believe her and goes with Mohini to check on Akshay. Aparajita sees that Akshay is really asleep. Aparajita leaves from there seeing this. Nia comes and asks Mohini why did Aparajita come here? Mohini makes up a reason and speaks badly about Aparajita.

The girls asks Aparajita if Akshay is not going to come. Aparajita says it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t come. Aparajita says she will take them. The girls agree.

The girls after coming out of the movie talk about love story. Disha says it is all drama. Aparajita and all the girls see that there a big line near the pani Puri stand and asks the passerby what is so special about this Pani puri. The passerby says he makes Pani Puri in Chinese style. Aparajita goes to bring them some drinks. Disha says she will stand in line. Disha sees that the line is big. Disha drops some money and asks them whose money is this. The crowd seeing free money goes to get it. The chef guy nearly runs into Disha but stops at the right time. The chef guy thanks Disha for saving his Pani Puri. The chef guy serves the children Pani Puri.

Nia wakes up Akshay and asks him what happened as she tried to wake him up from 3 hrs. Akshay says he thought of resting for only 10 min. Akshay gets up and sees that his left hand is hurting. Nia asks Akshay to take rest and says Aparajita already took the girls.

Aparajita and Disha eat the Chinese Pani Puri and praise the food. The shop owner also tell a the chef guy to stop feeding the children pani Puri. The chef guy asks the house owner to cut the money for it from his wages. The shop owner asks the chef guy where is he going to stay as he is also only working at his place as somebody stole all his things. The chef guy says he will think of a way.

Aparajita and Disha talk about where are Chavi and Asha? Chavi and Asha are eve teased by some of the boys in their neighborhood. The boys bring Chavi and Asha here saying her father is waiting for her here. Aparajita comes and scolds the boys and sends them away. Aparajita scolds Chavi and Asha for believing whatever others are saying. Chavi says it is her fault as she really Akshay might be here. Aparajita says from now on they will not have any expectations on their father.

Episode ends.

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