Main Hoon Aparajita 4th December 2022 Written Update: Usha requests Aparajita


Main Hoon Aparajita 4th December 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Asha saying don’t know who wrote those disgusting comments. Disha says she asked Guffran to find the person who wrote those comments so we will find him soon with help of near shop CCTV footage. She asks Chavi to take a rest. Nia takes Chavi inside. Disha says to Asha that Mohini is behind these nasty comments and I’m 100% sure and will expose her after finding the person who wrote them. She asks Asha to not inform their mom about these nasty comments. Asha agrees. Later Nia sees Asha in tears. She consoles Nia saying Chavi’s matter will be solved soon and this Disha is so angry. Asha says Disha is so soft and she acts angry. Nia says she wants to be strong like Disha. Asha asks Nia why she came to the kitchen. Nia says she wants to prepare Mint tea for Chavi. Asha says they can prepare green tea. Nia asks where is the kettle to prepare it. Asha says they use the stove and shows Nia how they prepare it. Disha calls Asha to come out leaving work as Guffran is bringing the boy who wrote nasty comments.

Guffran brings the boy to the Laundry shop. He tells Disha, Chavi, Nia, and Asha that he wrote the nasty comments. Manish thinks to know what’s Sunil plans against Aparajita. Amma’s chair hurts him. Amma mocks him and asks when they leave from his son’s life. He asks why can’t she love Mohini like Aparajita. Amma says Mohini doesn’t deserve my love. Mohini comes there. Amma asks why they are staring at her and asks if they are planning to kill her. Mohini says you have to live long. Amma leaves. Mohini says Amma has to live long to witness Aparajita facing disgrace. The guy tells Disha that he is innocent. Disha slaps him and warns him to reveal the truth. Mohini and Manish witnesses everything from the balcony. Disha warns to burn the boy’s hand if he doesn’t accept the truth. He accepts that he did it.

Disha asks him to tell them who assigned this work to him. Manish says to Mohini that Akshay won’t forgive her if he takes her name. Mohini goes downstairs and admits she did it. Nia gets shocked and asks what’s she saying. Mohini says Disha is feeling I’m behind it that’s why she is staring at me but I’m also a mom and how can I do it with Chavi? Disha asks Mohini to stop her dramas. Mohini asks Disha to stop accusing her. Manish gives more money to the guy and asks him to not take Mohini’s name. Nia says her mom can’t do it. Manish asks the guy to tell him who asked him to do it. The guy admits he did it and no one told him. Manish takes him saying he will get him arrested. Mohini leaves with Nia.

Mohini asks Nia to stay away from Aparajita and her daughters for a better future. Nia says Aparajita and her daughters are good. Amma from upstairs says you’re good Nia like Aparajita said. She asks them to take her to Aparajita. Nia rushes upstairs. She asks Dadi to not take tension and gives her medicine. Mohini thinks don’t know when Nia’s childishness will end.

Akshay says to Aparajita that it’s already late so let’s leave and we can meet Sunil later. Aparajita refuses. Usha comes there. She pleads with them to not complain to Sunil about Veer. She tells them that Veer is short tempered but he is a kid at heart. She folds her hands in front of them. Aparajita says I’m a mom like you and because of Veer my daughter got rusticated from college. On another side, Sunil tells in the press conference that Aparajita and her daughter trapped his son. He blames them. Aparajita tells Usha that she wants to talk to Sunil once. At that time Akshay receives a call that Sunil called the press and talking about Chavi. Akshay informs Aparajita about the press conference. Aparajita asks where it’s happening. Akshay says sector 33.

Episode ends.

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