Main Hoon Aparajita 5th March 2023 Written Update: Mohini emotionally blackmails Akshay


Main Hoon Aparajita 5th March 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Disha throwing the chef guy out of Aparajita’s house. Aparajita sees that a storm is brewing and asks the chef guy to sleep inside. Disha objects to it. Aparajita says he is going to stay here and they are going to lock the door and he can’t come inside. The chef guy thanks Aparajita.

Disha after coming into the house asks Aparajita why did she allow the chef guy to stay here? Aparajita says he made a mistake coming into the laundry sneakily and says he was forced by circumstances. Aparajita says if a person makes a mistake they should allow them to give an explanation. Aparajita recalls that she didn’t give a chance for Akshay to explain and decides to go meet him tomorrow.

Aparajita recalls about Akshay and thinks she should have given a chance to Akshay to speak what he wants to say. Aparajita thinks this might be one of Mohini’s plan to make them misunderstand each other. Aparajita decides to talk to Akshay.

Dadi talks to Guruji about Akshay and Aparajita’s relationship. Guruji reminds Dadi that Akshay and Aparajita’s fortune is still interlinked with each other. Dadi says she just hopes that Akshay and Aprajita will be together again before she dies. Guruji says it might happen but for that Akshay and Aparajita have to go through a lot of hurdles only then will they be together and says one of the hurdle is coming like a storm into their lives right now. Dadi asks if there is any solution? Guruji says the only solution is trust and says only if Aparajita and Akshay trust each other will they get back together.

Akshay thinks Aparajita didn’t even come to him to know what is the truth and recalls what happened with Aparajita. Mohini comes to Akshay and asks Akshay to forgive her. Akshay says he doesn’t want to talk to her. Mohini shows the locket that she is wearing and reminds Akshay what sacrifices she made for him. Akshay says to Mohini that she is emotionally blackmailing him. Mohini says to Akshay that she is just reminding him that nobody can take her place. Mohini leaves from there. Aparajita sees this.

The chef guy bangs on Aparajita’s door and asks Disha to open the door as he has to go to the washroom. Disha decides to tease and says she will open the door and doesn’t open the door. The chef guy bangs on the door in his urgency to go to the washroom. Chavi comes and opens the door. The chef guy tries to go to the washroom but Disha stops him and teases him. The chef guy says he couldn’t stop it anymore and goes to the washroom. Disha laughs at the chef guy seeing this.

Akshay asks Aparajita why did she come here? Aparajita says she came here to know what he wanted to say yesterday? Akshay says he thought she came here to apologise to him for her behaviour with him. Akshay and Aparajita argue for a while. Aparajita tries to leave but Akshay stops Aaprajita and asks what is she holding? Aparajita says there are Holi Gujiya that she made for Dadi. Akshay tastes it and praises Aparajita’s cooking.

Aparajita comes to meet Dadi and feed her Gujiya. Dadi recalls what Guruji said and decides not to tell Aparajita about it as she is already worried about the kids. Dadi tastes the Gujiya and praises Aparajita’s cooking.

Veer talks to a nurse and says she will get the money if she helps him to get out of here. The nurse agrees to help him and asks Veer where is he going to go after he escaped from here? Veer recalls the humiliation he got in Aparajita’s house. Veer comments on it.

Chavi asks Aparajita where did she go? Aparajita says she went to meet Dadi to give her Gujiya she made. Aparajita asks Chavi if she prepared the games for Holi as she always prepares for it. Chavi says she doesn’t want to go this time. Aparajita says if she ever thought of what other people think then she wouldn’t be here.

Episode ends.

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