Main Hoon Aparajita 6th March 2023 Written Update: Mohini takes doctor’s advice


Main Hoon Aparajita 6th March 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with the chef guy scratching all over his body. Aparajita asks the chef guy what happened? The chef guy says Disha gave this T shirt to him and he has been scratching since then. Aparajita asks Disha what did she do? Disha says she dropped a little bit of scratching powder on the T shirt. Aparajita asks Disha how can she do this? Aparajita asks Chavi to go and bring some ice and another T shirt for the chef guy.

Akshay comes into the house and asks Aparajita who is he? Aparajita says to Akshay that she will tell him later and asks Akshay to first allow her to treat him. Chavi and Disha take the chef guy away from there. Akshay asks Aparajita how can she allow a guy to stay here and reminds Aparajita that there are three girls in this house.

Chavi scolds Disha about her behaviour. The chef guy teases Disha. Disha tries to teach him a lesson. Chavi tells both of them to stop. Chavi just hopes that Akshay will not scold Aparajita because she allowed the chef guy to live here.

Aprajita says to Akshay what happened. Akshay says it is not right for Aparajita to allow a guy stay at her house in the night. Aparajita asks Akshay what else could she do as Disha hurt that guy and she couldn’t throw him out as it was raining in the middle of the night. Aparajita reminds Akshay that she knows how it feels to be left without a shelter when it is raining in the middle of the night. Aparajita reminds Akshay how he threw them out of their house. Akshay while arguing with Aparajita recalls Mohini’s words and stops arguing. Akshay leaves from there. Aparajita confirms that Akshay is really hiding something from her.

Veer recalls the humiliation that he went through. Puppy praises Asha’s Rangoli. Asha gives that credit to Aparajita saying she is Aparajita’s daughter. Nia tries to call Arjun but he doesn’t pick up the phone. Akshay comes and asks Nia who is she trying to call? Nia says she is trying to call no one. Akshay asks Nia if she is trying to call her boyfriend. Nia says there is someone she likes but she doesn’t know if she likes him or not? Akshay asks Nia about that guy. Nia says she will tell him when she confirms that he also feels the same as her. Akshay agrees. Nia again tries to call Arjun.

Aparajita says to the chef guy that he can stay here until he is completely healed. The chef guy thanks Aparajita. Aparajita says he can’t join the Holi celebration with how he looks. The chef guy comments on it.

Mohini comes to Akshay in the Holi celebrations. Mohini says to Akshay that she is going to win every game. A current wire nearly falls on Aparajita. Akshay gets worried about Aparajita and tells others to cut the wire.

Akshay leaves Mohini and goes to Aparajita to encourage Asha along with Aparajita. Puppy sees Akshay and Aparajita’s pair and praises them. Mohini gets jealous seeing this.

In the Golgappe eating competition Chavi says she will not participate as she will not win. Akshay and Aparajita encourage Chavi to participate in the competition. Chavi participates in the competition along with all the girls.

Nia and Asha give up as they couldn’t eat anymore. Disha sees that Chavi is having trouble. Disha says she couldn’t eat and gives up the competition. Chavi wins the competition. Akshay praises Aparajita’s parenting. All the girls come and hug Aparajita.
Mohini thinks she has to do something so that Aparajita and Akshay will be seperated forever.

Mohini takes the doctor’s advice on what would happen if she injected Akshay with this medicine. The doctor says there will be no permanent damage but he will temporarily suffer a lot. Doctor says Akshay will feel like his breath is leaving his body. Mohini thanks the doctor and tells him to leave the video conference saying she has to talk to Manish. The doctor agrees. Manish asks Mohini what is she doing as she decided before that she will gradually make Akshay weak and why did she suddenly change her mind? Mohini says she doesn’t have much time and says she should take Akshay to Dubai then she will make sure that Akshay cuts off his relationship with Aparajita just like he did last time.

Episode ends.

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