Main Hoon Aparajita 6th October 2022 Written Update: Mohini sends an Interior designer to Akshay’s house


Main Hoon Aparajita 6th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Akshay asking Aparajita what happened to her and trying to go to her. Aparajita stops him and says she is fine. Amma comes there and asks what happened. Akshay says she is saying nothing happened. He leaves. Amma notices Aparajita is hurt and says she will get medicine. Aparajita says it’s a small wound and will get healed but don’t know how the wound on my self esteem gets cured. Amma says don’t say in this way and Akshay is back after years and let him finish his responsibility. Another side Akshay informs Mohini that Aparajita accepted the money and I tried hard to make her know that she need to do something for me to repay the help, now let’s see. Mohini asks Akshay if Aparajita will sign the papers today? Akshay asks her to wait for some time and Aparajita is not like before. Aparajita says to Amma that all these years I faced many problems but I never had a deal with self esteem and I’m wearing his mangalsutra to give father name to my kids and other than it I don’t have any expectations from him but today he helped me. Amma says you can return it. Aparajita says she needs to return his favour.

Mohini says to Akshay they will get the house from Amma once Aparajita signed the document and tomorrow I called an interior designer to design the house. Akshay says everyone will get doubt seeing an interior designer. Mohini says it’s Amrish and it’s tough to get his dates and tomorrow everyone will be out and you have to manage Amma and you’re the one who has to fulfill my dreams. Akshay says you know how to make me agree. Mohini says that’s why I call you Jaan.

Aparajita tells Amma that Akshay wants this house in his name. Amma says you can do what you wanted to do and remember two things are important to me one is you and another one is this house which has memories of my husband. Aparajita says they have to help him in his bad phase as he helped us.

Akshay returns home. Aparajita tells him she is ready to sign the papers. Akshay feels happy and gives her a pen. The power goes off. Aparajita signs the papers. He wakes up from his sleep and realizes it’s his dream. He thinks about when will Aparajita sign the papers.

Asha complains to Aparajita that Disha is not signing the admission form. Disha says she doesn’t want to take help from him. Aparajita calls her to eat good. Disha says she is not hungry. Aparajita says she will check and tickles her. Akshay smiles seeing them. Asha asks Disha to sign quickly so they can go to Amitabh shooting. Disha sees Akshay in anger. Akshay leaves. Disha refuses to take his help. Aparajita says we can return the money to him so trust me and sign the papers. Disha signs the admission papers. She tells them she will never trust Akshay.

Mohini informs Akshay that an interior designer is coming in an hour. Akshay thinks when Aparajita leaves for the shop. Akshay sends Amma to Amitabh’s shooting. He goes to his room. Aparajita comes there and asks if he still has the house papers which he wants her to sign. Akshay gives her papers and a pen. Aparajita tells him that she will sign the papers after reading them. Akshay says you’re uneducated and you can’t understand these legal papers so sign them. Aparajita says she doesn’t want to get betrayed again. She leaves taking documents. She calls someone and sends document papers to them.

Akshay tells Mohini that everyone is out except Aparajita and she is still near the house so it’s risky if the designer comes here. Mohini tells him she knows how to keep Aparajita away. She asks Manager to call Aparajita to the hotel. The manager calls Aparajita to the hotel. Amrish comes to Akshay’s house. Akshay makes him talk to Mohini on call. Mohini asks Amrish to redesign the house according to her choice. Amrish agrees and leaves the house. Akshay fills the water glass to drink water. Aparajita returns to the house and questions Akshay why the interior designer came to their house. Akshay looks on.

Episode ends.

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