Main Hoon Aparajita 8th March 2023 Written Update: Guruji’s prediction worries Kusum Latha


Main Hoon Aparajita 8th March 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Veer attending the Holi function disguised as a Dhol wala. Veer throws Holi colours on Chavi along with other Dhol people. Veer takes out a knife and tries to scar Chavi’s face but the Arjun pushes Veer away and says it is not polite to apply colours without their permission. Arjun takes Chavi away from there.

Disha tries to apply Holi colour to Asha but she says no and asks Aparajita to tell Disha not to apply colour to her. Asha sees that Aparajita is tensed and asks Aparajita about it. Aparajita says she is feeling tensed that something bad might happen. Disha asks Aparajita not to think like that.

Arjun brings Chavi to her home. Aparajita asks Chavi what happened. Chavi says some people are teasing her with Holi colours. Aparajita asks who are they? Chavi says they are some Dhol people they rounded her up and started applying Holi colours to her. Aparajita asks Chavi if they misbehaved with her. Chavi says they are about to but Arjun saved her. Aparajita thanks Arjun and asks Chavi to change her clothes. Disha also thanks Arjun. Arjun comments on Disha saying thanks grumpily. Disha leaves from there.

Chavi and all the girls do a promo ad of Hershey kisses chocolates and say Happy Holi to each other.

Mohini decides to implement her plan of burning down Aparajita’s laundry today that she left half done yesterday.

Arjun while doing laundry teases Disha. Disha leaves from there. Arjun hears Disha’s phone ringing and he sees that Disha is nowhere. Arjun decides to message Nia in the social media as he didn’t talk to her till now. Nia calls Kiara and asks if she has any information about Arjun as she already tried to call him and messaged him in social media also.

Arjun decides to message Nia in the social media but Disha comes and asks Arjun why is he holding her phone and tells him to never touch her things again. Arjun tries to explain but Disha doesn’t listen to him.

Akshay comes to Aparajita and asks for her help. Akshay says Kalpana sent Dadi a gift and she is not accepting Kalpana’s gift. Akshay asks Aparajita to talk to Dadi about it. Aparajita agrees and asks Akshay to give this saree to Dadi and she will talk to her later. Akshay smells that something is burning and tells Aaprajita about it. Akshay and Aparajita follow the smell and see that the wires in the main fuse box are burning. Aparajita tries to check it out but Akshay says he will take care of it. Aparajita says no and says she doesn’t want to develop the habit of depending on him. Akshay switches off the main switch. Aparajita checks out the fuse. Akshay thinks how could this happen and asks Aparajita if Arjun is still in Aparajita’s house or not? Aparajita says Arjun is going to leave after the Holi celebration.

Chavi, Asha and Disha talk about Arjun. Disha says Arjun was stalking her profile when she left her phone in the laundry. Arjun comes and tells Disha that he was stalking his profile and not her’s. Arjun sees Veer checking out the girls. Arjun sends the girls away and asks Veer if he is staring at the girls. Veer says he is not doing that and makes up a reason. Arjun asks Veer if he is the guy who teased Chavi in the morning. Veer says he would never do anything like that. Arjun says he might be mistaken and leaves from there.

Dadi talks with Guruji on the phone and asks Guruji about his prediction. Guruji predicts there is a going to be a test for Aparajita and Akshay’s relationship today. Dadi gets worried hearing this.

Aparajita comes to Dadi and asks Dadi how is she? Dadi says she is fine. Aparajita asks Akshay to go and bring Kalpana’s saree. Dadi scolds Akshay for telling Aparajita about it. Dadi reminds Aparajita how Kalpana took Mohini’s side. Aparajita comments on it and asks Dadi to forget what happened on the festival of Holi and asks Dadi to wear the saree. Dadi agrees.

Mohini thinks to herself and says she couldn’t wait for Holi celebration and thinks once she gets Aparajita’s laundry keys then she will burn down Aparajita’s laundry.

Episode ends.

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