Main Hoon Aparajita 9th March 2023 Written Update: Mohini implements her plan


Main Hoon Aparajita 9th March 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with all the girls playing Holi. Veer stares at Chavi from a distance. Akshay asks Aparajita where are the girls? Puppy tries to apply Holi colour to Aparajita but Dadi stops Puppy and says Akshay is going to apply Holi colour to Aparajita first and vice versa. Aparajita and Akshay agree after some convincing from Dadi. Mohini sees Akshay and Aparajita applying colour to each other. Dadi recalls Guruji’s prediction and hopes that it will not be true. Mohini comes and applies colour to Akshay. Akshay looks for colour but Mohini stops Akshay and applies colour herself by putting her cheek to Akshay’s cheek and rubs it. Aparajita and Akshay go to look for the girls.

Mohini steals Aparajita’s laundry keys from her purse and goes to Aparajita’s laundry.

Arjun comes and offers the girls some buttermilk but Arjun decides to give Bhaang to Disha but the girls leave from there. Akshay comes to Arjun.

Mohini comes into Aparajita’s house and recalls what happened between Akshay and Aparajita. Mohini thinks while Akshay and Aparajita are having a good time she is going to destroy Aparajita. Mohini says to herself she is going to burn Aparajita’s laundry and destroy her self confidence.

Akshay asks Arjun if he is the guy who Aparajita is keeping in her house. Akshay asks Arjun what is he doing? Arjun says he is offering them buttermilk. Akshay decides to taste it. Akshay tastes the Bhaang thinking it is buttermilk. Aparajita also tastes the Bhaang thinking it is buttermilk.

Mohini comes to the fuse. All the girls see that Akshay and Aparajita are in a drunken state. Disha asks Arjun if he mixed Bhaang in the buttermilk. Arjun says yes. Dadi says she is going to take care of him later. Mohini cuts a wire and thinks the laundry is going to be burnt down along with Aparajita and her daughter’s future in this fire.

Akshay and Aparajita dance for Holi celebration song. Asha thinks Akshay and Aparajita did a good thing by drinking Bhaang thinking it is buttermilk. Dadi agrees. Nia sees Akshay and Aparajita dancing.

Akshay takes Aparajita to a side. Aparajita asks Akshay why did he bring her here? Akshay says they came here to talk with each other. Aparajita hearing this laughs at Akshay and Akshay also laughs along with her. Aparajita asks Akshay what are they going to talk about? Akshay says they are going to talk about a lot of things. Akshay says to Aparajita that they can go to their home and talk about a lot of things. Aparajita says they can’t go as he threw them away from that house. Akshay apologises to Aparajita for that and asks Aparajita to come home. Aparajita says no and imitates Akshay. Akshay seeing this also imitates Aparajita. They both make fun of each other. Akshay praises Aparajita. Akshay says he is feeling really good playing Holi with her and the whole family.

Mohini calls Manish and says the work is done. Mohini asks Manish to book a charted flight and says here Aparajita is going to weep in her sorrows and she is going inject Akshay and make him weak and bring him to Dubai. Manish agrees.

Veer sees Chavi from the back and decides to ruin her face with a knife. Veer pulls out his knife. The current short circuits and catches fire.

Episode ends.