Maitree 11th March 2023 Written Update: Ashish gets arrested


The episode starts with Dinesh informing the Tiwari family that they have discovered evidence in Saransh’s room proving Saransh is a drug addict. Sona says they are not drugs and it’s vibuthi I gave him. The Narcotics officer says they know the difference and if she says she used to get him then they have to arrest her. Everyone looks on. Dinesh says they are taking Ashish in custody. Tiwari’s family asks what’s mistake of Ashidh in it. A narcotics officer warns them to not halt their duty. Ashish says he is ready to go with the Police. Police arrest Ashish and take him away.

Nethaji comes to Vasundhara and asks her to assure him that she will save him. Vasundhara receives a message that Ashish is arrested. She assures Nethaji that she has proof to prove Ashish is the real head of drugs so don’t worry about the drugs case and I’m doing it for myself.

Dinesh investigates Ashish. He shows him the CCTV footage and says they feel he is involved with his brother in the drugs case and asks if he wants to say his side story. Ashish says he wants to talk to Maitree. Maitree comes there. Ashish stands up seeing her. Dinesh asks Maitree to sit. He tells Ashish that Maitree is coming here after feeding and making his baby sleep. He says you cheated on Maitree. He says to Maitree that Ashish is the culprit in her case too and asks Maitree to talk with Ashish in 5m and leaves. Maitree questions Ashish and says she came to hear the truth from him. Ashish says it was my mistake to not know about my brother’s drug addiction and sorry for spoiling your life. Maitree asks why he is lying that he doesn’t know about Saransh’s drug addiction. Ashish says he really didn’t know about Saransh’s drugs. Maitree says if it is one lie then it’s just a lie but if you lie again and again it becomes a sin. Ashish says he is saying the truth. Maitree asks him to end his lies and says he broke her heart and calls him a cheater. Maitree is about to leave the room but Ashish says if he would have known the truth about Saransh’s drugs then Nandini would have also known about it. Ashish asks Maitree if Nandini would have hidden it from her. Maitree says she wants to hear the truth from Nandini’s mouth. She leaves.

At home, Sachin says he is waiting for Maitree’s roti. Sadhna says it’s burnt. She advises Maitree to forget about Ashish and other things. Maitree says everything happened in the moment and I lost my friends. Sachin says Ashish deserves to be in jail. Sadhna advises Maitree to not forget how Ashish deceived her. Nandini Mamiji calls Maitree and asks her to bring the baby file from Tiwari’s house. Maitree agrees. She tells Sadhna that she is going. Sadhna asks Maitree to not involve in a mess but Maitree doesn’t listen.

Media people cover Tiwari’s house. Om and Kusum close all doors. Maitree calls Om and Kusum but no one attends it. Kusum gets an asthma attack. Sona and Om comfort her. Om says it happens when Police find drugs in anyone’s house. Sona says she will protect her family. Sona pours water on media reporters and warns them to leave. Maitree calls Sona but she too attends the call. Maitree decides to bring the file by going to Tiwari’s house. Sona lashes out at media people. Maitree comes there. Media people surround Maitree with questions. Sona hurts one of the reporters and warns them to not call her son a drug addict. Om stops her.

The doctor takes a blood sample of Ashish. Ashish says he is not taking any drugs and asks why they are taking his blood sample. He asks Dinesh to tell his team. The narcotic head warns him to not lie and says he has to answer their questions. Dinesh says to Ashish that he needs to answer every question. Ashish says he is worried about his family and says he is unaware of Saransh’s addiction. Dinesh says you cheated Maitree too. Ashish says he didn’t do anything wrong and says he will get released soon. Om helps the reporter and asks if he is fine. The reporter says he is fine. Maitree asks reporters to not blame the Tiwari family as they are good.

Episode ends.