Maitree 12th March 2023 Written Update: Vasundhara gives the baby naming ceremony responsibility to Maitree


Maitree 12th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Om helping the reporter and inquiring about his well-being. The reporter says he is fine. Maitree requests that reporters not blame the Tiwari family because they are good and stop this media trial. Media people leave. Sona goes inside. Om asks Maitree to come inside. Maitree recalls how Sona warned her to never return to their house. Kusum asks her how Nandini and Baby are. Maitree says they are fine and asks Kusum to bring the baby’s file for his checkup.

Kusum gives her the file and amulet. She asks Maitree to tie it to the baby. She says today’s the Naam Karan date pandit chooses but the baby is not with us. Maitree asks them to not worry and says she will pass them information about the baby and Nandini. Om says it’s good you’re moving on in life but don’t have any grudge against us and we always wish for your good future. Maitree agrees and while leaving she sees Sona is seeing at her angrily from the window.

Vasundhara asks Nethaji to not take the stress. Nethaji says he is tense as to how can they prove Ashish culprit with 2-3 gms of drugs found at his house. Vasundhara says she will prove Ashish wrong in court and asks him to implant evidence against Ashish at his house and she will prove him as the drug’s leader. Maitree comes there and asks if they find out who’s behind drug circulation. Vasundhara says very soon we will trace it. Netha ji leaves. Vasundhara asks Maitree to take the baby to the hospital with Mami Ji. Maitree says it’s good if we arrange the naming ceremony of the baby. Vasundhara agrees and gives event responsibility to Maitree. Maitree says she will make it memorable. She goes to get ready the baby. Vasundhara’s brother asks her what’re her real intentions. Vasundhara asks her brother to prepare the card according to her.

Om and Kusum try to tell Sona that Maitree is good. Raj Kumar comes there and invites the Tiwari family to the naming ceremony with the invitation. Om gets shocked reading the baby’s naming ceremony invitation and where Nandini’s name is linked to her maternal name and their names are not included in it and Maitree and Vasundhara’s names are mentioned.

At the hospital, Doctor checks the baby and says his vitals are good, and gives him an injection. Kusum says Ashish’s name is not mentioned in the invitation. Sona gets mad. She beats Raj Kumar and sends him away. Sona tells Kusum and Om that Maitree and Vasundhara are bad. She burns the invitation and vows to bring the baby home.

Maitree asks Sachin to write the things needed for the naming ceremony. Sachin says he is happy to see her back. He writes the list. Om says to Sona that Maitree can’t do it and it’s all Vasundhara’s conspiracy so it’s good if we boycott the function. Kusum says it’s their right to attend their grandson’s function. Sona agrees with Kusum and says they have to attend the naming ceremony to teach a lesson to Vasundhara. Sona asks Kusum to bring a chain and bracelet to the baby. Kusum thanks her for understanding her. Om says wish our Ashish gets bail then we can attend the ceremony with the whole family. Raj Kumar takes the slipper Mala and tells Vasundhara that Sona sends it for her to see the card. Vasundhara asks him to throw it and advises him to make her proud. She asks him to bring her files. She thinks she won’t let Ashish get the bail.

Episode ends.