Maitree 13th March 2023 Written Update: A shocker for Vasundhara


Maitree 13th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ashish preparing notes. Dinesh goes to him and asks him to take some rest. Ashish asks if he is talking to him as Dsp or his uncle. Dinesh says he doesn’t have any connection with people who break hearts. He says he doesn’t want the judge to feel they don’t take care of you. Ashish says his blood samples will be clear and there won’t be any drug case on me as a small quantity of drugs are found at my place and I’m not in the car which you showed me in the footage so I will get the bail but I will never forget the way you changed and treated me. Dinesh says Maitree also won’t forget how you cheated on her. Ashish looks on.

Maitree plans Naam Karan of Nandini’s baby with Princy. Prince asks if the name is already decided. Maitree says Nandini chooses it and shows her the name by writing on paper. Princy says Nandini’s choice is good after reading the name. Maitree asks her to give her one invitation so she can place it in the entrance by enlarging it. Princy agrees and gives her one invitation. Maitree seems surprised to see the invitation that Nandini’s name is mentioned as Rathod and the baby’s father’s name does not mention in it. She says the Tiwari family will be hurt by seeing it.

Ashish reaches court. He meets his parents and asks if everything is fine. Sona says everything is fine and Vasundhara arranged the Naamkaran ceremony of the baby and we have to attend it so we applied bail for you. Ashish agrees. In the court, Ashish requests Judge to give him bail to make him attend his son’s Naamkaran and says there is no proof against him with the police. Vasundhara tries to defend but Judge stops her and is about to grant the bail but Dinesh and Ncb officers come there and tell Judge that they found 10 grams of drugs in Ashish’s car and now it’s a commercial case. Vasundhara recalls how she made his man plant drugs in Ashish’s car. Ashish gets hyper and says it’s all Vasundhara’s conspiracy to take revenge on me. The judge warns Ashish to only forget that he is in jail. Ashish apologises to him. The judge rejects the bail plea. Ashish feels helpless. Maitree calls her father to know what happened in the bail plea hearing but she doesn’t get any reply.

Maitree and Princy decide to watch Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway movie. Maitree says mom can fight with anyone. She asks Nandini to come out of a coma for her baby. That time Maitree hears in the news that Ashish’s bail plea got rejected as commercial quantity drugs got found in his vehicle and he can be a drug dealer. Maitree gets shocked and says Ashish can’t be a drug dealer.

Police take Ashish away from jail. Ashish says he will get bail soon. Vasundhara comes there and mocks Ashish’s state. Ashish says he is ashamed of her as she is ruining her daughter’s life to get her revenge. Vasundhara asks him to accept the defeat and leaves. Maitree thinks she will make Ashish attend the Naam Karan. She asks Princy to take care of the baby and leaves.

The retired judge meets Ashish and tells him a way to attend to his baby Naamkaran. Ashish thanks him. The judge leaves giving him some slip. Maitree comes there. Ashish asks if she believes that he is a drug dealer. Maitree says she won’t believe it even if god tells this her. Ashish thanks her. Maitree says he has to try attending his son’s naam karan. Ashish says a mercy plea is the way and for that senior police officer has to take my guarantee. Maitree looks on.

Maitree returns home. Dinesh praises the food prepared by Maitree. He asks why she is tense. Maitree says Ashish is not a drug dealer and it is very important for Ashish to be there at Chutku Namkaran ceremony as his father. Dinesh says he can’t do anything as the court rejected Ashish’s bail. Maitree says there is a way and says Mercy plea. Maitree asks Dinesh to take Ashish’s responsibility then the court will allow him to come out. Dinesh says no to it. Maitree reminds to Dinesh that she used to dress as a police officer because he was her hero and tries to convince Dinesh to take Ashish’s guarantee for the mercy plea.

Om complaints about Advocate Saksena not getting Ashish’s bail. Kusum also complaints about it. Sona says they will do what they have to do and says they will do a strike at Vasundhara Rathore’s house. Sona also says she feels that Ashish will be there.

Maitree recalls what happened and thinks what will Dinesh do about Ashish. Maitree asks Vasundhara Rathore if she can allow Ashish and his family to be in Naming ceremony. Vasundhara says no to it. Maitree thinks atleast Nandini should attend Chutku’s Naming ceremony. Vasundhara says no to it as Nandini might get some infection. Maitree gets an idea and says to Nandini that she will not allow Nandini to miss her son’s naming ceremony.

Sachin checks the function arrangements. Sachin sees that the Rangoli is not right and asks Princy to set the Rangoli right. Princy and Sachin see each other and ask what are they doing here? Princy and Sachin argue for a while and Prince’s mother comes there. Princy makes up a reason and sends her away. Sachin understands that Princy’s mother doesn’t know Princy is attending Computer classes. Sachin takes advantage and blackmails Princy to do the Rangoli if not he will tell Princy’s mother about her. Princy agrees.

Maitree sets a video in Nandini’s laptop for Nandini to see her son’s naming ceremony. Vasundhara thanks her guests for coming to her grandson’s naming ceremony. Vasundhara asks the Pandit ji to start the Pooja. Pandit ji asks Vasundhara to call the child’s father. Vasundhara says he couldn’t come and asks him to do the Pooja. But when the Pandit is about to start. Ashish’s family comes to the Vasundhara’s house with the Dhol. Sona says to the Pandit that Ashish couldn’t come but Ashish’s family came. Kusum greets Maitree. Sona also looks at the Chutku and greets him. Sona sees Maitree and says she couldn’t become Saransh’s widow but she atleast became a good mother for Nandini’s son. Sona asks the Dhol people to start the Dhol. Vasundhara stops them and asks them to keep quiet as the rest of the guests. Sona asks the Pandit to tell Vasundhara that father’s side has importance in the naming ceremony. The pandit ji says yes. Sona says Ashish can’t come but Ashish father can sit in the Pooja and asks him to sit. Om agrees. Vasundhara’s brother’s wife says to the Pandit that in Ashish’s house someone died so no one can sit for the Pooja. Pandit ji agrees. Maitree asks who is going to sit in the Pooja. Vasudhara says she will sit in the Pooja and no one can stop her. Sona and Maitree pray for Ashish’s arrival.


Vasundhara asks Pandit to start the Naamkaran ritual and is about to sit to perform it. Ashish comes there with the police and stops her. Tiwari’s family feels happy. Ashish says to Vasundhara that he will sit in the havan as the baby’s father. Vasundhara questions Dinesh about how Ashish came here. Dinesh says he filed a mercy plea and the judge granted it. Maitree asks Dinesh to remove Ashish’s handcuffs. Dinesh says he trusts his daughter and asks Ashish to not break his trust again and releases his handcuffs. Ashish feels happy seeing the baby. He asks where Nandini is. Maitree says Nandini will be strained here. Ashish says she won’t. Vasundhara says Nandini won’t come here. Ashish says Naamkaran won’t happen without Nandini.

Episode ends.