Maitree 16th March 2023 Written Update: Kusum confronts Sona


Maitree 16th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Maitree coming to Sachin and asking him if he found anything. Sachin asks Maitree to look at CCTV footage. Sachin says this is Tiwari’s back house CCTV and asks Maitree to look at it.

In the CCTV footage, it is shown a man is shown to be jumping from Tiwari house compound. Sachin says either this guy came to steal or plant something. Maitree and Sachin come to the conclusion that this is the guy who planted drugs in Ashish’s car.

Maitree recalls what happened and thinks if they show this video in the court then it will be helpful for Ashish. Sachin says it is still not enough to prove Ashish innocence.

Maitree asks Sachin to find out whose car is in the video that the theif left. Sachin agrees. Maitree decides to check out Vasundhara’s phone to get some useful information.

Vasundhara’s brother and Sid ask Vasundhara why is she worrying about the case? Vasudhara says she is preparing for tomorrow’s case hearing. Vasundhara says Ashish is going to accept that he is the criminal to save his family. Vasundhara comments on Ashish. Vasundhara comes to Nandini and says she will never allow Ashish to come into Nandini’s life again.

Om tries to comfort Kusum and asks her to drink some water. Sona comes and asks Kusum not to worry and says Ashish will think of a way and come out of all this.

Kusum asks Sona to not give false comfort and says Ashish will never be released from jail. Om asks Kusum to calm down. Kusum says she can’t calm down. Sona asks Kusum to tell to her face what she has to say.

Kusum says to Sona that Dinesh found drugs in Saransh’s room. In the engagement day Saransh took Ashish’s car. Sona doesn’t agree to believe Saransh is a druggie. Kusum says the guy in Sherwani who is hiding his face with a handkerchief is Saransh.

Maitree asks Princy to get Vasundhara’s phone to prove Ashish’s innocence. Princy says it’s risky and refuses to do it. Maitree asks Princy to alert her if someone comes and says she will go to Vasundhara’s room and get the phone.

Kusum says to Sona that it’s a matter of her son’s life. She says she can’t bear it if her son ruins his life while saving Saransh’s name. Sona asks why she is differentiating Ashish and Saransh. Kusum says I can’t let Ashish and his family bear punishment for Saransh’s mistake so tell Ashish to say the truth in the court. She leaves. Sona collapses.

Maitree enters Vasundhara’s room. She notices Vasundhara is relaxing with a face mask. Maitree tries to take the phone but Vasundhara’s mobile rings. Vasundhara silences the call and keeps the phone on the table. Maitree sneakily takes Vasundhara’s phone. Princy signs Maitree to unlock the face with Vadundhara’s face.

Maitree tries it but it won’t happen because of the face pack. Maitree unlocks it using Vasundhara’s photo on the wall. She comes out. She tells Princy that she will send the video to her phone and send it to Ashish through dad. She requests Princy to keep the phone in the room Vasundhara once her work is done.

Dinesh gives proofs to Ashish to prove his innocence. Ashish asks why he is helping him. Dinesh says Maitrre is helping you for Nandini and it’s your choice what you have to do but don’t lose your wife and son while saving Saransh’s name. Ashish looks on.

Sona asks Kusum to not worry as Ashish will settle everything. They go to court. In the court, Ashish plays the video of how some unknown man implanted drugs in his car. He says someone planted drugs to trap me and one who does that work is using Netha Dhanujay Mishra’s car. Vasundhara looks on.

Ashish plays a video message and proves Dhanunjay is a real drug head. Judge appreciates Ashish. He orders Dinesh’s team to investigate the case further.

Vasundhara says Ashish is diverting the case and he still needs to answer 2more things. The judge gives permission her permission to question Ashish. Ashish stands in the witness box. Vasundhara questions why his car is near drugs place and why police find drugs in his house. Ashish looks at Sona helplessly.

Episode ends.

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