Maitree 19th March 2023 Written Update: Sona curses Vasundhara


Maitree 19th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Maitree asking Sachin to limit the presentation size. She receives Princy’s call. Maitree asks Princy what happened. Princy asks if there is another bottle of cough syrup for Nandish. Maitree says she will bring another bottle. Sadhna and Dinesh ask her to not go there as Vasundhara knows you’re the reason that she lost the case. Maitree says Vasundhara knows my dad’s genuine officer too so she can’t do anything to me. She leaves.

Sona asks Ashish ‘why he saved her’. Ashish says she is their house’s elder and they need her. Sona complains about how Om and Kusum go against her. Kusum and Om say they did it to save Ashish. Sona says I know that Ashish will be proven as innocent but you guys didn’t even apologise to me for hurting me. She says Vasundhara gave me pain so I’m cursing her and won’t let her see her daughter and grandson’s faces. She asks Ashish to win the custody case for her.

Vasundhara’s brother punishes his son for making Vasundhara lose the case. Vasundhara asks them to stop their talk. She says she lost the case because of Maitree. Vasundhara’s brother says Maitree acts like a friend of Nandini but she is Naagin. Maitree comes there. Vasundhara asks if she comes for Nandish. Maitree agrees. Vasundhara says to Maitree she won’t let her daughter stay with the person who betrayed her so she can do anything to save her daughter.

Maitree goes to Nandini’s room. She asks Princy to stop the music. Princy says she played songs so Nandini can recover soon. Maitree asks Princy to play the song that she played on Nandini’s marriage with Ashish. Princy plays it. Nandini responds to the music by moving her fingers. Maitree and Princy feel happy noticing it. Maitree asks if she can hear her voice. Nandini takes Ashish’s name.

Vasundhara’s brother asks Vasundhara why she didn’t say anything to Maitree. Vasundhara says she will teach a lesson to Maitree and her parents once she wins the custody case. Maitree calls Ashish and says to Ashish about Nandini’s improvement. Ashish reveals it to his family. Sona and Kusum reunite in happiness. They go to the temple. Ashish goes to meet Nandini.

Ashish comes to Nandini and tries to talk to her. Maitree says Nandini didn’t respond after taking your name. Maitree says their happiness is in Nandini’s happiness. She says let’s dance and if you do wrong stop then Nandini will correct you. Maitree and Ashish dance on Nandini’s favourite song to cheer her up. Vasundhara comes and interrupts their dance by breaking the speaker. Vasundhara asks why they are dancing when Nandini is sick.

Ashish and Maitree tell her Nandini gained consciousness. Maitree says she called Ashish and Dr. Bakshi. Dr. Bakshi comes there and checks Nandini is blinking her eyes. Dr. Bakshi says Nandini can come to her senses anytime. Everyone feels happy. Vasundhara asks Ashish to leave. Ashish said he filed the custody case. He asks her to get ready to get defeated again. He kisses Nandini’s forehead and leaves.

Vasundhara’s brother and his wife discuss that they won’t get anything from the property if Nandini gets cured. Vasundhara’s brother decides to swap the saline bottle with water. Vasundhara comes there and asks what they are doing in Nandini’s room. Ashish gives a lift to Maitree. Ashish says Nandini will clear that we don’t know Saransh was a druggie. Maitree says she is waiting for it. Ashish thanks Maitree for the help. Maitree says she just helped him for Nandini and Nandish. He stops the car near her house.

Maitree leaves forgetting her phone. Ashish sees her phone. Maitree goes inside and sees her parents didn’t eat food. Dinesh says they are waiting for her as it’s a party for her new start. Sachin tell Maitree that investors liked her presentation and tomorrow is the meeting. Maitree thanks him. Sachin asks what she will do once her company is set. Maitree says she will send him for upper graduation. She asks Dinesh to take retirement. Ashish comes there and asks if she needs any legal advisor for her company.

Episode ends.

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