Maitree 20th March 2023 Written Update: Maitree comes to Ashish’s aid


Maitree 20th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sachin asking Maitree what she does with her 50% profit. Maitree says I will send you to a good university for further studies. She says she will ask her dad to take retirement. Ashish comes there and asks if she needs a legal advisor for her company. Dinesh says Maitree doesn’t need cheaters in her life and company. He asks why he comes. Ashish says he came to return Maitree’s phone. He gives the phone to Maitree. He says he feels good seeing Maitree is moving on. Dinesh says you may not come here normally so tell us the real reason.

Vasundhara asks her brother what they are doing in Nandini’s room. Vasundhara’s brother says they came to bless Nandini. Vasundhara asks Dr. Bakshi to do his work. Maami asks her husband to divert Dr. Bakshi. Maama tries to divert Dr. Bakshi but Vasundhara stops him and asks Bakshi to check Nandini’s vitals. Maama gets scared thinking they may get exposed.

Ashish says there is one request from my side. Dinesh says I know about you. Ashish says I’m selfish in my family matters and Vasundhara may go to any level to win the custody case so please support the truth. He asks Maitree to support the truth not him. Dr. Bakshi takes a saline bottle. Vasundhara takes cover from the file. Vasundhara’s brother asks what’s it. Dr. Bakshi puts back the saline bottle. Dr. Bakshi asks Vasundhara to not let his name come out otherwise he will lose his license. Vasundhara’s brother changes the saline bottle. Vasundhara assures him everything will be fine. Maami asks what’s in the file as Doctor is getting scared. Vasundhara thinks she is ready for victory and needs to finish the last step.

Dinesh calls Ashish a cheater. Vasundhara calls Maitree. Maitree attends the call and puts it on speaker. Vasundhara asks Maitree to come to court and give the testimony which is best for Nandini. Dinesh takes the phone from Maitree and tells her that Maitree won’t come and cuts the call. Sadhna asks Ashish to leave as Maitree is not coming so Vasundhara can’t use her against you. Maitree wishes him luck with the case. Ashish leaves.

The next day, the judge asks Vasundhara and Ashish to start the procedure. Ashish waits for Maitree. Maitree comes there with her mother. Dinesh asks why she comes. Sadhna says she goes to the meeting from here. Vasundhara tells Judge that the Tiwari family attempted to murder her daughter. Ashish says it’s a lie. Vasundhara calls Maitree to the witness box. Vasundhara asks Maitree to tell the court if Sona gave trauma to her daughter or not. She mocks Sona. Sona creates a scene. The judge warns Sona to stay out. Sona leaves. Vasundhara says Sona tried to kill me last time too and doesn’t know how she tortured my daughter. Vasundhara asks Maitree to answer in yes or no. Ashish asks the Judge to give him permission for the cross. The judge permits him.

Ashish asks Maitree if Nandini is happy with her marriage or not. Maitree says Nandini is happy with her marriage and breaks her ties with her mother as she didn’t accept her marriage. Ashish says Vasundhara doesn’t even know Nandini is pregnant and she is doing this drama to take revenge on me. Vasundhara questions Maitree ‘about why her friendship with Ashish got broken’. She asks if it is because he hid about his brother’s drug addiction and made you get married to Saransh. Maitree nods yes. Vasundhara asks who will marry Maitree and how her life goes as a widow.

Maitree feels hurt and leaves from there. Vasundhara says Ashish wants to take my property that’s why he married my daughter and made my daughter meet with an accident. Maitree says to her parents that she will go to the meeting. Ashish asks Vasundhara to stop her accusations. Maitree says to her father that Vasundhara is trapping Ashish with her accusations. Dinesh says she doesn’t need to help him. Maitree says she has to help Ashish for Nandini and Nandish. She goes to court and tells Judge that she wants to give her statement.

Maitree says to the judge that she was also in the car along with Nandini and Ashish. Maitree says Ashish asked Nandini to put on her seat belt but she didn’t and Maitree also says Ashish didn’t allow Saransh to drive the car but Saransh didn’t listen to Ashish. Maitree says Ashish would never want Nandini to get hurt. Vasundhara says she has evidence to prove that Ashish is negligent towards Nandini. Vasundhara calls Dr Bakshi to the stand. Dr Bakshi comes and says Ashish took away Nandini from the hospital before the treatment is completed.

Dr Bakshi also says Vasundhara paid hospital’s fee of Nandini and not Ashish. Vasundhara says in Ashish’s house it is not possible for Nandini to get proper care and asks the judge to give Nandini’s custody to her. Ashish recalls what happened and understands that Dr Bakshi is also with Vasundhara. The Judge gives the custody of Nandini to Vasundhara and says the court needs sometime and more evidence to decide who is going to have the custody of the child.

Om questions Ashish why he brought Nandini from the hospital if the doctor said no to him. Ashish says he would never do that and says he didn’t know when Dr Bakshi made him sign these documents. Om asks Ashish to make a case on Dr Bakshi. Ashish says he can do that but he wouldn’t because no matter how Dr Bakshi is. Ashish says Dr Bakshi is the right doctor for Nandini and says if he is sent to jail then Nandini’s treatment might get delayed and he wouldn’t want that to happen. Om asks Ashish to think of a way so that they will get Nandish’s custody.

Kusum says if Sona didn’t say that Nandini doesn’t have any relationship with this house then Nandini would be here. Kusum and Sona argue about it. Ashish stops their argument and reminds them that it is not the time to fight and says they have to be together to bring back Nandish into this house.

Maitree takes a call and after that she shares the good news with her family that investors are holding a party and they gave the responsibility of that party to her. Maitree says if the investors like her work they also agreed to invest in her company. Dinesh and the rest of the family give a new laptop as a gift to Maitree on her new journey. Maitree feels bad about Nandini.

Ashish thinks about Nandini. Nandini comes and advices Ashish in his dream to take Maitree’s help but Ashish doesn’t agree to it.

Maitree’s family suggests Maitree to allow Ashish to fight his fight and ask Maitree to not worry about it. Maitree doesn’t agree to it and says she has connection with Nandish and says she will make Ashish get Nandish’s custody and only then will she go to Lucknow.

Om and Kusum think it is because of Sona that Nandish isn’t in their home. Ashish says they should think of a way to make Sona stay here so that Sona might not create another drama in the court. Sona comes and asks them what are they talking about? Ashish asks Sona to stay back and decorate the house to welcome Nandish? Sona doesn’t agree to it at first but later agrees with all of them convincing her.

In the court it is shown Vasundhara asks the judge to give the custody of the child to Vasundhara. Maitree comes and asks the judge that she has something to say and requests the judge permission for it. Maitree comes into the stand and asks Vasundhara about Nandish? Vasundhara doesn’t answer anything and reminds Maitree that she is the lawyer and not her. Ashish argues on behalf of Maitree and asks the judge to allow Maitree to question Vasundhara. The Judge allows Maitree to question Vasundhara. Maitree questions Vasundhara about Nanndish’s food habits and sleeping cycle. Vasundhara says she doesn’t know about them as she is busy taking care of Nandini all the time and says she will hire the best nanny for Nandish. Maitree says to the judge that Nandish needs love and Nandish can get that love only in Ashish’s house.

Episode ends.

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