Maitree 4th March 2023 Written Update: Vasundhara informs about Saransh’s drug addiction to Maitree’s family


Maitree 4th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ashish on the call instructing his team to prevent Saransh’s postmortem from reaching the media and his family members. He promises to prove the report is false in court. Maitree comes there. Ashish sees Maitree and turns. Maitree recalls Vasundhara’s words that Ashish hid Saransh’s drug addiction from her. Maitree asks Ashish if he is hiding anything from her. Ashish looks on. Maitree asks Ashish if he knew what is in Saransh’s post-mortem report as they are saying they found drug traces in Saransh’s body. Ashish denies it and says Saransh’s report is not yet ready. Maitree shows a Post-mortem report to Ashish and questions Ashish what is this?

Sadhna asks Sachin to create a profile for Maitree on the matrimonial site. Sachim asks what. Dinesh comes there and asks what’s she talking about. Sadhna says it’s needed for Maitree’s better future and neighbors are saying Maitree’s life ended but I won’t let it happen. Dinesh says they have to think about Maitree’s situation at Tiwari’s house not what their neighbor talks about. Vasundhara comes there and says absolutely. Sadhna invites Vasundhara inside. Vasundhara says she came to their house with the right. She says Nandini has a family unlike Maitree and you guys need to make Maitree get new life. Dinesh says they can’t take any decision until they take Maitree’s opinion. Vasundhara says Maitree has luckily escaped the disaster married life. Dinesh asks what’s she talking about. Vasundhara asks Sachin to connect Dinesh’s phone to the TV and play the link sent by me. She thinks Ashish destruction gets started.

Maitree asks Ashish why he is lying to her. Ashish says the report is fake and it’s a conspiracy by Vasundhara. Maitree says Vasundhara aunty informed me but whether it’s fake or not why you didn’t inform me? Ashish says he doesn’t want them to be sad. He asks won’t she trust him. Maitree says I trust you and Nandini that’s why I agreed to marry Saransh and marry him but I saw traces of drug addiction in Saransh. Ashish says Saransh is innocent. Maitree says I saw my uncle and I know how drug addicts lie. She says they may hide the truth from her. Ashish says he didn’t and takes Maitree with him.

Maitree’s family sees the footage. Vasundhara says to Maitree’s family that Saransh is a drug addict and shows the complete CCTV footage of Saransh as proof. Maitree’s family gets shocked. Vasundhara says Ashish cheating on them by hiding Saransh’s drug addiction. Sachin says Ashish may not know about Saransh’s drug addiction as he was in London for the last 4 years.

Ashish takes Maitree to Saransh’s room and shows her the prizes Saransh won and he says Saransh has everything in life and he doesn’t need to take drugs and this post-mortem report is wrong. He says they may never let her get married to Saransh if he is a drug addict. He tells her Vasundhara is using her. Maitree recalls Saransh’s behavior.

Vasundhara says Saransh used to take drugs from his teenage so his family may know about his addiction except Nandini. Dinesh asks how and when she got the video. Vasundhara says I got it a few days back and Ashish threatened to prove me wrong in court so I’m here to tell you the truth and I will definitely take revenge on the Tiwari family for cheating on us. She says send this video to the forensic team and learn the truth then you can support me. Dinesh agrees. Vasundhara leaves. Sachin asks what they have to do. Dinesh says he will call Maitree and inform her. Sadhna stops him and says it’s not good to trust Vasundhara’s words. Dinesh says he will inquire at the hospital and if the postmortem report is correct then I won’t leave the Tiwari family and if not I won’t leave Vasundhara.

Ashish asks Maitree to say something. Maitree says she wants to trust his words but there are many questions in her and asks Ashish to prove Saransh is not a drug addict. Ashish looks on. Maitree leaves.

Episode ends.

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