Maitree 5th March 2023 Written Update: Vasundhara sends Nandini with Ashish


Maitree 5th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ashish recalling what happened with Maitree and Maitree asking him to prove Saransh’s innocence. Om comes and asks Ashish what is he doing? Ashish says to his father that Vasundhara is playing a dirty game to take revenge on him. Ashish asks his father why is he here? Om says the bill for the hospital came and says it is rs 20 lakhs. Ashish looks at the bill and thinks how can it be this much. Ashish gets a call from Dr. Bakshi. Dr. Bakshi gives the good news to Ashish that Nandini is showing signs of recovery and she might recover soon. Dr. Bakshi informs Ashish that he needs to pay Rs 1 lakh per day. Ashish thinks how can he pay that much money? Dr. Bakshi advices they can do the treatment in his house and they can reduce the cost to one tenth of it. Ashish agrees to it. Dr. Bakshi says he needs to sign a consent form. Ashish agrees.

While Rajkumar’s mother feeds him. Vasundhara and her brother bring doctor’s equipment to the home. Rajkumar’s mother asks her husband what is all this? He says Nandini is going to be treated in the house and so they brought equipment to change Nandini’s room into an ICU. Vasundhara gives the responsibility of the doctors to her brother. Vasundhara looks at Ashish’s photo and burns it and says he is going to lose everything from now on.

Maitree recalls what happened with Ashish. Sona asks Maitree to give milk to her and says she is going to take care of the baby’s food from now on. The baby cries when Sona tries to feed him. Maitree seeing this touches Chutku to calm him down. Chotu calms down seeing Maitree’s face. Chutku drinks the milk. Sona says to Maitree they don’t need her after sometime and she can leave from here. Maitree thinks to herself that she also hopes for it.

Ashish tells Nandini what happened with him and Maitree suspecting that Saransh is involved in drugs. Ashish says Maitree asked for proof that Saransh is not involved in drugs. Ashish comments on it and says he is going to prove that Saransh is innocent. Nandini holds Ashish’s hand. Ashish calls Maitree and tells her that Nandini is coming home today. Maitree feels happy hearing this. Ashish says Nandini held his hand when he told that she asked him for proof that Saransh is not involved in drugs. Maitree goes to Chutku and asks him to say to his mother that they are waiting for him. The hospital staff comes to make Nandini get ready for discharge. Ashish cuts the call and says he is going to complete the discharge procedures.

Maitree gives the good news to Ashish’s mother that Nanadini is returning home. Maitree decides to clean Nandini’s room.

Dinesh enquires from the hospital staff if the Post mitten report is real or not. Dinesh sees Ashish coming and hides from him. The hospital staff says the postmortem report is real.

Ashish comes and asks the receptionist for the discharge papers of Nandini. The receptionist says he first needs to sign on a consent form. While Ashish is reading the consent form. The receptionist informs Ashish that Vasundhara has paid for the bill. Ashish asks how can they take her money for his wife. The receptionist comments on it. Ashish sees Vasudhara taking away Nandini. Ashish thinks Vasundhara is trying to take Nandini away and asks the receptionist for the discharge palates to sign. The receptionist sees Ashish distracted and changes the papers. Aashish mentions to the receptionist that the one who signs on discharge papers has the right to take patient away. Ashish argues with Vasudhara about taking Nandini away. Vasudhara shows the discharge papers and shows the address is Ashish’s address. Vasundhara says she is giving him a chance to take care of her daughter. Ashish says he will pay her after the insurance money comes. Ashish takes Nandini to his home. Vasundhara’s brother asks Vasundhara about her plan. Vasundhara says tomorrow there is a function in Saransh’s house and she is going to humiliate the Tiwari family infront of everyone. Vasundhara says she is going to take her revenge.

Episode ends.

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