Maitree 7th March 2023 Written Update: A shocker for Ashish


Maitree 7th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dinesh saying to Maitree that Ashish knows everything about his brother but he hid it from us. Maitree feels dizzy. Sadhna asks her husband to stop. Dinesh says Maitree needs to know the truth. He reveals to Maitree that Saransh planned to settle in London so he didn’t book return tickets from your honeymoon trip and renewed the house lease there for 2 years. He says you married him to stay near Nandini but he planned to separate you from Nandini and his family members may know his planning.

Maitree asks how can Ashish do it to her. Dinesh says Ashish is selfish and it’s proved in the hospital that he made you donate blood to Nandini hiding your husband’s death and now he is using you for his baby. Maitree says she will confront Ashish with a video. Dinesh says it’s needed to use in court so it’s not good to show him. Sadhna says they won’t let them use her.

Ashish comes there and asks Maitree and her parents if they are talking about the wrong accusations Vasundhara made against his brother. Dinesh holds his collar in anger. Maitree stops him. She says she wants to talk to Ashish alone.

Vasundhara reaches Tiwari’s house. She asks her brother’s wife to know when he reaches with the team. Vasundhara brother’s’s wife says he is coming. Vasundhara says her dream is going to be fulfilled.

Maitree takes Ashish to Nandini’s room. She confronts him about why he betrayed her hiding that Saransh is a drug addict. Ashish asks her to give him chance to tell his side’s story. Maitree says he broke her trust. Ashish says it is all Vasundhara’s conspiracy and you’re in pain because of tragedy that happens in your life but my brother is innocent and I’m ready to swear on my baby and wife to say its the truth. Ashish is about to swear on baby but Maitree stops him and says Saransh took a fake swear and I won’t let you repeat it. She leaves taking baby. Ashish questions Maitree how she thought he take fake swear on the baby. Sona asks Om to stop the drama.

Maitree goes to her parents. Dinesh asks what that cheater told her. Maitree says Ashish cheated on my friendship but I can’t cheat on my friendship with Maitree. Dinesh says they won’t let her stay at Ashish’s house. Maitree says this baby needs me here so I can’t return home with you. Ashish comes there. Dinesh shows his anger toward him. Om comes there and asks what happened.

Vasundhara enters Tiwari house with her members. Kusum welcomes her. Vasundhara says she came here to take Nandini and her son away from here. Ashish comes downstairs and asks Vasundhara to not create drama. Vasundhara says my daughter is in coma state because of your brother. Om asks her to stop her accusations. Vasundhara blames Ashish for destroying Maitree and Nandini’s life and says he married Maitree to a drug addict Saransh. Sona shouts at Vasundhara. Vasundhara brother records everything. Ashish and others stop Sona. Vasundhara asks Ashish why his family members are hiding about Saransh’s drug addiction. Kusum asks her to stop accusations. Vasundhara shows post mortem report of Saransh as proof. Ashish says it’s fake proof like her. Vasundhara says you guys can verify it and I won’t let my daughter and stand daughter stay here. Dinesh stops Maitree from supporting Ashish. Hospital team members enter Nandini’s room without listening to Ashish. Vasundhara tries to take baby from Maitree. Sona sees it and takes the fire torch.

Episode ends.

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