Maitree 9th March 2023 Written Update: Ashish goes to lodge a police complaint against Vasundhara


Maitree 9th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vasundhara shattering Nandini, Ashish, and Maitree’s photo frame. She walks on it. Ashish gets a call and he walks out of the room while talking on call. Vasundhara sends Nandini and the child in the ambulance. Ashish and his family feel bad. Sadhna goes to Maitree and tells her that her relationship with Tiwari’s family ended and asks her to return home with her. She takes Maitree with her. Ashish tells Vasundhara that very soon he will prove the truth and bring back his wife and the child to his place, it’s my promise. Vasundhara replies in your dreams and leaves.

Maitree is ready to leave Sona’s house with her parents. Om stops them and tells them they didn’t cheat them in Saransh’s matter. Dinesh says they can’t cheat them anymore. Maitree takes Sona’s blessings. Sona says I may forgive you if you stand against Vasundhara when she is speaking badly about Saransh but you didn’t. Sona asks Maitree to never come to meet her or her son. She warns her to leave. Maitree leaves Tiwari’s house. Ashish says to Maitree who is leaving with her parents ‘he will definitely get proof for her and clear the misunderstanding of her for their friendship’. Maitree gets in the car and leaves. On the way, Maitree thinks about whatever happened. She asks her father to stop the car. Dinesh stops the car. Maitree ties Dhaga to the tree and thinks she will feel happy if Ashish proves her wrong.

At home, Sona cries saying Vasundhara separated the baby from them whom she thinks is her son. Ashish comes there and asks her to not worry. He says my Friend fixed my meeting with the commissioner and I’m going to meet him with all legal documents to file counter fir on Vasundhara. Sona says good. Ashish says they need one eyewitness who can’t be manipulated by Vasundhara. Sona says colony people will help them and says she will accompany him. Ashish asks her to stay at home. The doctor tells Vasundhara that Nandini’s vitals are normal and she will get cured soon if she gets good care. Nandini wakes up, and Vasundhara gets ecstatic. She asks Doctor why she is not responding. The doctor says it’s a good improvement but still, she is in a coma. Vasundhara’s Brother and his wife look worried. Vasundhara asks Doctor and nurse to stay with Nandini 24/7 and she promises to pay him a good amount. Doctor agrees. Vasundhara asks Raj Kumar to show the guest room to Doctor.

Dinesh asks Maitree to change into the dress her mom bought her. On another Vasundhara tells Nandini that she will retire from work and spend all the time with her once she comes out of the coma. She tells her she is everything to her. Vasundhara’s brother asks where he needs to place Nandini’s luggage. Vasundhara asks him to throw them out. Maitree wears a casual dress. Sadhna hugs her mother. Sachin returns home. He asks her to stay colourful always. He says they need to celebrate her fresh start. Maitree says later but Dinesh asks them to go. They go out. Sadhna asks Dinesh to stay at home. Dinesh says he needs to work on a drug case and can’t sit calmly until he gets Ashish jailed. Ashish reaches the police station and asks the inspector about the commissioner. Inspector says Commissioner went out asking me to handle your case. Ashish asks him to lodge a case against Vasundhara as she kidnapped my wife and daughter. Everyone at the station gets shocked.

Episode ends.

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