Maitree Upcoming Story: Judge sentences Ashish as innocent


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Zee TV new show Maitree serial is witnessing some major turning points where Maitree collects proof to prove Ashish’s innocence.
As reported earlier, Kusum says to Sona she can’t bear it if her son ruins his life while saving Saransh’s name. Sona asks why she is differentiating Ashish and Saransh.

Kusum says I can’t let Ashish and his family bear punishment for Saransh’s mistake so tell Ashish to say the truth in the court. She leaves. Sona collapses. Maitree collects evidence and sends them to Ashish through Dinesh.
In the court, Ashish plays the video of how some unknown man implanted drugs in his car.

He says someone planted drugs to trap me and one who does that work is using Netha Dhanujay Mishra’s car. Vasundhara looks on. Ashish plays a video message and proves Dhanunjay is a real drug head. Judge appreciates Ashish. He orders Dinesh’s team to investigate the case further.

Vasundhara says Ashish is diverting the case and he still needs to answer 2more things. The judge gives permission her permission to question Ashish. Ashish stands in the witness box. Vasundhara questions why his car is near drugs place and why police find drugs in his house.

Ashish looks at Sona helplessly.
In the upcoming episodes viewers will witness Maitree will ask Nandini if she can hear her voice. Nandini will take Ashish’s name.

Maitree gives the evidence to Om to prove Ashish innocence. Om says to the judge that they have evidence to prove Ashish innocence. Judge looks at the CCTV footage and sentences that Ashish is released free of all charges.

Sona seeing the CCTV footage locks herself in a room and tries to commit suicide by burning herself using gasoline.

Who will save Sona? Can Nandini come out of the coma?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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