Maitree Upcoming Story: Vasundhara requests the Judge to punish Ashish


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Zee TV new show Maitree serial is witnessing some major turning points where Maitree starts her investigation.
As reported earlier, Ashish sits in the puja with baby and makes Nandini sit beside him. Ashish thanks Maitree for the help.

Maitree says they helped him for the baby and Nandini. Pandit asks them to name baby. Ashish and Vasundhara argue over name. Maitree asks them to stop their fight. Maitree says they have to keep the name that Nandini chose I.e Nandish which is a combination of Nandini and Ashish. Everyone likes it.

Later Vasundhara insults Pandit and throws money at pandit. Maitree apologises to Pandit from Vasundhara’s side. She gives him money. Maitree asks Vasundhara to not spoil her day. She leaves. Vasundhara says she made a really strong case against Ashish then how can Ashish come out on Bail?

Vasundhara asks his brother to call Netaji to know how he got bail. Maitree overhears Vasundhara’s words. Vasundhara’s brother sees Maitree and try to mislead her. Maitree takes her phone.

At home, Maitree asks Sachin to search the drug dealers list. He asks why she wants. Maitree says to Sachin that she is very sure that Vasundhara is colluding with this Netaji to put Ashish in jail so they need to hack police records to know who’s that Nethaji. Sachin denies helping but Maitree insists on him then he agrees to help.

In the court, Vasundhara shows proofs against Ashish. Maitree thinks it’s confirmed from this evidence that Saransh is the one who does everything and she decides to tell the court about Saransh’s truth.

In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to witness Vasundhara Singh Rathore asks the Judge in the court to punish Ashish with a life time imprisonment for Drug case. Maitree vows to Nandini in her heart that she will make sure that Ashish doesn’t go to jail for the crime he didn’t commit.

Will Maitree prove Ashish innocence?

Can Ashish get relief from drug case?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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