Mangal Lakshmi 12th June 2024 Written Update: Soumya’s Sinister move

Mangal Lakshmi 12th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mangal saying to Ishana your teacher is here and get your bags out. She opens the door. Soumya comes in. Mangal and Kusum are shocked. Adit comes there and questions Soumya why she came. Soumya says she came to take tuition for Ishana. Mangal tells her that she already hired another teacher for Ishana. Soumya mocks Mangal for wasting her time. Kusum rebukes Soumya. She asks Mangal to call the teacher. Mangal calls the teacher but the teacher doesn’t answer her. Soumya smirks and thinks about how she hit Ishana’s teacher auto and made her injured.

Gayatri cuts the fruits. She shows Lakshmi how Karthik likes to eat fruits. She tries to tell Lakshmi how to make a sandwich for Karthik. She receives a call from Jia and goes aside. Sanjana sees Lakshmi is busy and steals condiments from the fridge. Karthik comes there and tells Lakshmi that he has to leave for a meeting. Sanjana asks Lakshmi to prepare the sandwich. Karthik receives a call. Lakshmi makes a sandwich with peanut butter and gives it to Karthik. Karthik leaves from there with a packed tiffin. Sanjana smirks seeing it.

Gayatri meets Jia and asks her why she called her again. Jia asks Gayatri if she talked to Karthik. Gayatri asks Jia to wait until Karthik’s bad time passes. Jia agrees.

Gayatri comes home. She sees Peanut butter in Lakshmi’s hand. She questions Lakshmi about it. Lakshmi tells her that she made a peanut sandwich for Karthik. Gayatri scolds her and runs out to save Karthik.

While leaving for office meeting Karthik eats a peanut sandwich. He gets allergic reaction due to it. He feels troubled to take a breath. Nidhi scolds Lakshmi for playing with Karthik’s life. Gayatri and family members rush to Karthik. Gayatri asks her husband to call the doctor immediately. Lakshmi tries to tell she doesn’t know about Karthik’s allergy. Gayatri and Nidhi blame Lakshmi for Karthik’s state.

Mangal goes to find out about the teacher. Adit convinces Kusum to allow Soumya to teach Ishana. Lakshmi accidentally calls Mangal. Mangal picks up the call and overhears Gayatri’s words that Karthik is in danger. Ishana finishes her project with Soumya’s help. Ishana praises Soumya and thanks her for help. Adit praises Soumya and mocks Mangal.

Karthik’s father tells Gayatri that the Doctor is busy with another patient and he will take time to come to our home. He asks if she has any medicine. Gayatri asks him to check the medicine she has. He checks it and tells her that medicine is expired. Lakshmi asks them to tell about the medicine and says she will get it. Gayatri says it’s not needed and asks why she made a peanut butter sandwich instead of a cheese one. Lakshmi tells her that cheese is not available in the fridge. Sanjana doesn’t let Lakshmi talk and pushes her out. Mangal who comes there holds Lakshmi.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mangal faces Adit’s wrath for meeting Lakshmi.

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