Mangal Lakshmi 14th June 2024 Written Update: Karthik supports Lakshmi

Mangal Lakshmi 14th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kusum screaming Mangal’s name. Mangal comes there. Kusum asks Mangal why she hid the truth. Ishana and Adit make fun of Mangal. Kusum rebukes Ishana. She hugs Mangal. Kusum calls Mangal a fairy. She tells everyone how Mangal saved Karthik. Kusum apologises to Mangal for misunderstanding her. Adit says Mangal went to correct her sister’s mistake. Kusum reminds Adit that Lakshmi is newly married so she doesn’t know about Karthik’s allergy. She tells her family that they need to go to Gayatri’s house the next day for Satyanarayan Vrath. Adit comments that these rituals are unending. Kusum asks Adit to never disrespect his wife in front of others.

Nidhi and Sanjana come to Karthk’s room. Nidhi sees Lakshmi’s saree and makes fun of Lakshmi. Gayatri comes there. Karthik takes Lakshmi’s side. He rebukes Nidhi. Gayatri tells Karthik that she came to choose a dress for Karthik. Sanjana says Lakshmi can select Karthik dress as he praised Lakshmi’s choice. Karthik agrees with Sanjana and tells Gayatri that Lakshmi will select his dress for Satyanarayan Vrath.

Ishana tells Soumya that she doesn’t have any dress to wear on Satyanarayan vrath. Mangal overhears it and decides to stitch a new dress for Ishana. She goes to prepare a dress for Ishana. Soumya tells Ishana that she will get her a dress. Ishana agrees and thanks her. Soumya thinks to change the Adit family in her favour.

Mangal chooses dress design. She starts stitching the dress. Lakshmi calls Mangal. After talking to Mangal, Lakshmi gets the idea that she can decorate the house. Lakshmi starts decorating the house with flowers. Mangal finishes stitching the house.

Family members come downstairs. They see Lakshmi decorated the house. Karthik praises the decorations. Gayatri says decorations are not to their regular pattern. Karthik says simple decorations are better for Puja. Gayatri sends them to get ready for Puja. Sanjana tells Gayatri that Karthik is going out of her hands. Gayatri rebukes her and leaves from there.

Mangal takes Ishana’s answer sheet. She notices Ishana solved problems in the wrong way. She tells Ishana that she did wrong in maths problem. Ishana doesn’t agree with her. Adit who hears Mangal’s words says Soumya is a gold medalist so she never teaches in the wrong way. Kusum asks Adit to check the answers once. They hear the calling bell sound. Mangal opens the door. Soumya comes in. Kusum asks Soumya why she came. Soumya says she came to teach Ishana. Kusum reminds her that they are going for Puja. Kusum asks Adit if he has checked the answers. Adit says Mangal is correct, Soumya did wrong. Soumya gets shocked and checks the maths problem. Ishaan praises Mangal’s calculating ability.

Episode ends.

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