Mangal Lakshmi 15th June 2024 Written Update: Karthik learns about Gayatri’s punishment

Mangal Lakshmi 15th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Akshad saying to Soumya that Mangal’s calculating ability is perfect. Kusum scolds Soumya for teaching wrong math to Ishana. Soumya apologises to Kusum for her mistake. She asks Kusum to give her another chance. Kusum says they need to leave for Puja. Ishana says she has an exam the next day. Soumya tells Adit that she will drop Ishana at the Puja after teaching her. Adit asks Kusum to permit her. Kusum agrees.

Mangal and her family come to Karthik’s house. Mangal praises decorations. Lakshmi and Karthik take Mangal’s blessings. Mangal asks Lakshmi to come with her to the kitchen to prepare food. Lakshmi stops herself from entering the kitchen recalling Gayatri’s punishment. Mangal and Kusum see Gayatri prepared all the food alone. Kusum scolds Lakshmi for not helping Gayatri in Bhog preparation. Shanti comments on Lakshmi. Karthik stands by Lakshmi. Sanjana comments Lakshmi doesn’t have values like Mangal.

Kusum helps Gayatri get ready. Kusum questions Gayatri why did she make food in the kitchen and why didn’t she take anyone’s help. Gayatri makes up a reason but she doesn’t tell the real reason to Kusum and leaves from there.

Sanjana comes to Kusum and says to Kusum that Gayatri shouldn’t have told her anything right and comments on Gayatri. Kusum asks Sanjana to mind her words about Gayatri. Sanjana says she is just speaking the truth. Sanjana leaves from there.

Lakshmi and Karthik sit in the Pooja. The pandit asks for a coconut. Kusum asks Lakshmi to go and get the coconut that is in the kitchen. Lakshmi hesitates to do it. Gayatri sends her daughter to get the coconut. Mangal thinks Lakshmi is hiding something from her.

Adit returns home. He sees Soumya in pain and asks her what happened. Ishana tells him that it was all her fault. She says Soumya tried to teach her how to walk in high heels and it happened. Adit helps Soumya and asks her if she is fine. Soumya thinks it was all her plan to call him near her.

Mangal asks Lakshmi why she didn’t help Gayatri to prepare Bhog. Lakshmi stays silent. Mangal makes her swear on her and demands her to tell the truth. Lakshmi tells her about Gayatri’s punishment. She asks Mangal to not tell anyone about it. Mangal agrees. Karthik overhears everything.

Soumya tells Adit that she is unable to stand on her feet. Adit decides to take her to the hospital. He asks Ishana to accompany them. Soumya asks why to trouble Ishana. Adit calls his father and learns that Puja has completed.

Gayatri’s husband praises Gayatri’s food. Karthik comes there and questions Gayatri if she stopped Lakshmi from entering the kitchen. Gayatri stays silent. On the way, Kusum says to Mangal that she doesn’t know where Adit disappeared. Mangal asks Kusum if Gayatri doesn’t like Lakshmi. Kusum stays silent.

Episode ends.

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