Mangal Lakshmi 15th June 2024 Written Update: Lakshmi seeks Gayatri’s forgiveness

Mangal Lakshmi 15th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Lakshmi saying to Gayatri that she will bring the medicine for Karthik. Gayatri says you will create another problem. She questions why she made peanut butter in place of cheese spread. Lakshmi says only peanut spread was in the fridge. Sanjana asks Lakshmi to stop lying and throws her out. Mangal comes there. She holds Lakshmi. Mangal gives an injection to Karthik’s father. Karthik’s father gives an injection to Karthik. Karthik feels better after getting the allergic injection.

Gayatri thanks Mangal for rescuing Karthik. Karthik’s father asks Mangal how she knew about Karthik’s condition. Mangal tells them how she got an accidental call from Lakshmi.

Ishaan asks Soumya to prepare a sweet for him. Soumya says she doesn’t know how to prepare it. Kusum comments that Soumya can never cook like Mangal. Adit says to Ishaan that he will take them for an ice cream party. Kusum asks them to wait until Mangal returns home. Adit says it’s not needed and makes Kusum agree to accompany them to eat ice cream.

Mangal says to Gayatri that she still remembered Karthik’s allergic reaction so brought the injection. Lakshmi says it’s her mistake. Karthik tells Lakshmi that it’s not her mistake. The doctor comes there and checks Karthik. He tells everyone that Karthik is fine. Mangal tells them that she will leave. Gayatri thanks Mangal. Mangal leaves from there. Karthik holds Lakshmi’s hand and signals her that he is fine.

Mangal rings calling bell but no one opens the door. She calls Kusum and then Adit but no one answers her calls. Mangal feels worried and sits outside waiting for her family members.

Lakshmi asks Gayatri to punish her for troubling Karthik. She requests Gayatri to not ignore her and promises her that she will never repeat this kind of mistake. Gayatri refuses to forgive her and tells her that she can never allow her in the kitchen.

Adit and his family members return home. Adit learns from Mangal that she went to Lakshmi’s house. Adit lashes out at Mangal for ignoring their house matters. Mangal tries to talk to Kusum but Kusum ignores her and goes inside. Mangal thanks Soumya for helping her daughter to finish the project. Soumya asks her to stop searching for the teacher. She assures to teach Ishana. Mangal agrees.

Karthik helps Lakshmi to arrange her luggage in the cupboard.

Kusum on call tells Gayatri that she didn’t know about it. She assures her that they will come home on time. She disconnects the call and shouts Mangal’s name. Mangal comes there in hurry.

Episode ends.

Precap – Gayatri warns Mangal to tell Lakshmi to be in her limits. Later, Lakshmi asks Mangal why Gayatri is not accepting her as a daughter.

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