Mangal Lakshmi 16th June 2024 Written Update: Gayatri feels inscure with Lakshmi-Karthik’s growing closeness

Mangal Lakshmi 16th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Karthik asking Gayatri why did you cook everything today yourself? why didn’t you take Lakshmi’s help? Is she banned from entering the kitchen? Gayatri agrees that she stopped Lakshmi from entering the kitchen.

Mangal asks Kusum does Gayatri not like Lakshmi? Kusum asks Mangal to stop suspecting small things. Gayatri tells Karthik that she doesn’t want Lakshmi to repeat her mistake so she ordered her not to enter the kitchen. Karthik requests Gayatri to forgive Lakshmi. She reminds her that he also made a mistake in childhood. Sanjana asks Gayatri to listen to her son. Gayatri feels conflicted. Karthik’s father permits Lakshmi to enter the kitchen. Gayatri also forgives Lakshmi. Lakshmi thanks her and promises her that she will do everything by taking her suggestions.

Adit asks Ishana to stay at home. He takes Soumya to the hospital. On the way, Adit sees Soumya is fine and asks her if she acted till now. Soumya tells him that she is fine. Adit scolds her for lying to him. Soumya reminds him that today is their 5th anniversary. She places his gift there and tells him that she will leave. Adit apologises to Soumya and reconciles with her.

Karthik and Lakshmi walk in the house’s garden. Karthik asks why she didn’t inform him about Gayatri’s punishment. Lakshmi tells him that it’s not a big matter. Karthik tells her that she is really an inspiration to him. A water pipe in the garden gets started which drenches Lakshmi and Karthik. They share a cute moment. Gayatri comes there. She doesn’t like Karthik and Lakshmi’s closeness. She sends them inside to change their clothes.

Mangal and Kusum stop at the market to purchase fresh vegetables. Adit and Soumya also come to the same market to purchase vegetables. After purchasing vegetables, Mangal and Kusum are about to leave in an auto but A goon snatches Mangal’s mangalsutra. Mangal runs behind the thief. Adit sees Mangal running behind someone. He sees Kusum also present in the market. He hides from Kusum and leaves from there with Soumya. Mangal hits goon with a coconut and catches him. She asks him to give her mangalsutra but he doesn’t give her and attacks her with a knife. She asks someone to call the police. People in market catch the goon. Mangal takes her mangalsutra from him. Kusum slaps the thief.

Episode ends.

Precap – Gayatri asks Mangal to teach Lakshmi that a mother has the first right over her son. Later, Lakshmi asks Mangal why doesn’t Gayatri treat me as her daughter.

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