Mangal Lakshmi 9th June 2024 Written Update: Jia’s wicked actions against Lakshmi

Mangal Lakshmi 9th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Karthik putting the necklace around Lakshmi’s neck. In the car, Lakshmi calls Mangal. Adit sees Mangal getting a call from Lakshmi and comments on her.

A few of Karthik’s fans come and take pictures with Lakshmi as she is Karthik’s wife.

Shanti calls Mangal. Adit attends the call and says to Shanti that Mangal will not come there as Mangal has a family of her own.

Jia comes in disguise to Lakshmi and pepper sprays in Lakshmi’s eyes. Jia gets into an auto and leaves from there.

Karthik witnesses this and comes to Lakshmi. Karthik asks Lakshmi if she is alright. Jia sees photo of Karthik putting necklace around Lakshmi’s neck and says it’s a good thing that Sanjana sent this video. Jia says to herself that if Lakshmi tries to get close to Karthik then she will kill Lakshmi.

Adit scolds Mangal as she is not taking care of Ishana in her studies. Ishana also complaints to Adit that all the mothers help her friends in their homework but Mangal doesn’t help her. Adit criticises Mangal. Mangal apologises to Adit. Sowmya says to Adit that she can help Ishana in her studies. Adit doesn’t agree to it saying she is already busy in the office. Sowmya says she can do it.

Karthik helps Lakshmi in cleaning her eyes and takes her away from there. Karthik thinks it might be one of his fans who did it.

Gayatri learns that Karthik has left with Lakshmi without telling her. Gayatri thinks Karthik has never done something like this. Sanjana also comes and says to Gayatri that it is normal for Karthik to change after the marriage and comments on it.

Adit says to Sowmya that he will hire a tuition teacher for Ishana. Ishana says it will take time for them to hire a tuition teacher and she needs to remake this project and submit it tomorrow. Sowmya says she is ready to teach her but her parents are not agreeing to it. Ishana asks her parents to agree to it. Kusum says that it will be troublesome for Sowmya as she has to go home and cook for herself. Sowmya says she has a solution and says it will be no problem if Mangal cooks food for her when she comes to teach Ishana. Mangal hearing it agrees to Sowmya’s proposal. Ishana thanks Sowmya and Adit.

Shanti and Lipika talk about how they will clean all of the kitchen utensils. Karthik and Lakshmi come to Shanti’s home. Sonu invites Karthik and Lakshmi with Dhol and later sends the Dhol people away.

Gayatri while driving the car recalls what happened and feels insecure about Karthik.

Kusum says to Mangal that she doesn’t like Sowmya coming here and comments on it. Kusum and Mangal later leave from there.

Episode ends.

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