Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 5th May 2021 Written Update : Sumitra asks doctor to mislead Pratigya about her illness


Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 5th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Krishna in his room walks here and there. Pratigya comes there and looks at Krishna. Krishna asks Pratigya why she is looking at him like that. Pratigya asks Krishna why he is making this as a bigger issue. Krishna says to Pratigya is she Understand or not and says that Meera is the one who did wrong.

Pratigya says that it’s Krishna who did wrong and blamed Meera Unnecessarily and ask Krishna to apologise to Meera. Krishna refuses and says how could Meera wear her saree. Pratigya gets irritated and ask Krishna why he is behind this saree, she has thousands of saree here and she already told its who gave her the saree to Meera and Krishna is the one who hugged her from behind. Krishna asks Pratigya what is she saying, the room is dark and how he know it’s not Pratigya.

Krishna says to Pratigya that he is okay Pratigya give saree to Meera but why Meera is in their room. Pratigya says its Krishna’s mistake that he not even realised it’s not his wife someone else in the first place. Pratigya says to Krishna that she is tired of arguing and says it’s not a big deal so ask him to leave it. Krishna asks Pratigya how could she say this is not a big deal, even after this many years of their marriage if he saw someone looking at his wife in some other way that he don’t know what he will do but here how come Pratigya say like this.

Pratigya turns around and thinks even she don’t want someone to look at him that way but she has to control her emotions then looks at Krishna and says that for her it’s not a big thing to worry about and leaves the room. Shakti comes to Meera and sits nearby her on the floor. Shakti says to Meera that Krishna is a stone hearted person also a fool instead of praising her beauty he is blaming her. Shakti then says that he feels bad for whatever happened to her and he wants to see her happy face again. Shakti then gives chocolate to Meera and asks her to eat.

Then Shakti opens the chocolate wrapper then touch Meera’s shoulder. Meera slaps Shakti and says if he once again tries to come close to her she will definitely make it sure that he will not able to show his face to his family and to the world. Shakti gets angry and says that he is Shakti Thakur Singh and he will do anything and leaves the room.

Pratigya comes outside and sits on a step and says that even she gets jealous and angry when someone tries to get close to Krishna but her life has played a cruel joke on her so she has no other option but to give a happy life to her family before she leaves the world. Pratigya feels nauseous so she goes to the washroom. After washing her face she see some Mark’s near by her neck. Doctor gets a call he looks at his phone and smiles and says hello.

Pratigya says to the doctor that she saw some red marks which looks like patches on her neck and ask the doctor is it some allergy she is getting for taking the medicines. Doctor says no then says its completely normal in this stage and asks Pratigya to spend as much as time with her family happily. Pratigya thanks the doctor then disconnects the call. Doctor calls Sumitra and says that he got a call from Pratigya and he told her that poison which Sumitra gives that reaction in her body is because of her cancer. Sumitra says the doctor to mislead Pratigya the same way and get money from her time to time for this.

Krishna lies on his bed. Pratigya comes there and switches off the light and lies on the bed facing the other side. Krishna thinks why Pratigya isn’t trying to convince him then thinks that he won’t get small by convincing Pratigya. Krishna hugs Pratigya. Pratigya asks Krishna to leave her and says that she wants to sleep. Krishna says that it’s not good to go to bed angrily and says if Pratigya wants him to apologise to Meera then he will do it tomorrow itself. Pratigya says that she dont want to say anything and asks him to leave.

Krishna asks Pratigya what is she saying why she is behaving like this. Krishna then asks Pratigya what she wants from him. Pratigya says that she want some space from him. Krishna gets angry and says to Pratigya that he knows Pratigya is trying to distance herself from him and leaves the place getting upset. Pratigya cries and says even she don’t want to do this to Krishna but she has no other options and whatever she is doing is for his goodness only. Krishna goes to the garden and sleeps on the sofa there.

In the morning Meera sees Krishna sleeping outside and thinks may be both Krishna and Pratigya get into an argument that’s why Krishna must be sleeping outside. Pratigya wakes up and sees Krishna is not by her side so she goes to give him bedsheets. Pratigya sees Meera holding her dress as a shelter to prevent sunlight hit Krishna’s face. Pratigya thinks Meera is really a good girl and goes inside the room. Meera says that she will never thinks to hurt Krishna. She says that she loves him the same way he loves Pratigya and she knows where her place in Krishna’s life and she never wants Krishna and Pratigya to get separated.

Krishna wakes up but act like he is sleeping. Meera continues saying that she knows her place but she can’t stop herself from loving him at the same time she will never hurt Krishna. Meera gets shocked seeing Krishna wakes up. Krishna then leaves the place angrily. Meera says it’s her fate which always brings bad things even if her intention pure. Komal brings tea to Adarsh. Adarsh says that he will take care of himself as he is used to this. Komal says no a woman needs to take care of the house and family members and man needs to take care of outside work unlike Pratigya who thinks herself is a super woman and thinks to do both men and women’s job.

Then Komal says to Adarah that Krishna is sleeping outside and she says it must be Pratigya who must have done something. Adarsh asks Komal why she is blaming Pratigya, we never know what happened between both Krishna and Pratigya. Komal asks why he is supporting Pratigya. Adarsh says that he respects Pratigya a lot and he will support her always and says to Komal that Pratigya’s thinking of both men and women are equal which he respects a lot. Komal gets angry and leaves the place.

Krishna comes to his room and then sees the medical report and medicine’s and wonders why Pratigya is having this much medicine. Pratigya comes there and gets shocked seeing the report in Krishna’s hand. Krishna asks Pratigya what is she hiding from him. Pratigya says its nothing but a headache. Krishna don’t believe and says that he is going to call the doctor. Pratigya gets angry and says dont he trust his wife and why is he making small things as bigger issue always.

Krishna says Pratigya to sorry and says that he want nothing but her headache to get over. Pratigya throws the report and packs her dresses. Krishna asks what is she doing, why she is planning to leave the house just because he asked her a question. Pratigya says that she isn’t leaving the farm house but leaving the room because being with him suffocates her the most. Krishna gets shocked hearing Pratigya’s words.

Precap: Komal puts a letter and rose in Adarsh’s room. The letter files away from the room. Sumitra reads the letter and says that till now she wants Pratigya to leave the house now she has to make Adarsh leave also. Pratigya gets ill. Adatsh takes Pratigya inside the room. Sumitra comes there and locks the room and smiles. Pratigya tries to open the door. Adarsh asks what happened. Pratigya tells him that someone locked the door from outside.

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