May I Come In Madam 28th December 2023 Written Update: Sajan lashes out at Kashmira and Ramvati

May I Come In Madam 28th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ramvati getting attacked by a paper that shocks her and Gulabiya. She then reads the letter that Bhupesh wrote for her about her marriage with Chedilal pretending as her father. Ramvati gets worried about reading the letter. She comes out followed by Gulabiya and sees no one outside, so she goes to where the woods are put on fire. She sees the masked man. The masked man leaves the place.

Later, Ramvati is with both Kashmira and Sajan. Sajan says to Kashmira that he isn’t going to meet Chedilal disguising himself as a woman because Chedilal might do something with him, thinking he is a real woman. Kashmira assures him nothing such won’t happen, so she urges him to help her expose Chedilal’s true nature to Ramvati. She also asks Ramvati’s help to convince Sajan. Ramvati asks Sajan to prove Kashmira’s doubt on Chedilal is wrong. Sajan says that he isn’t here to help either Ramvati nor Kashmira but to do work in his office for the course he has completed. Kashmira tries to flirt with Sajan to convince him to help her in her plans. Ramvati looks away. Sajan remains stubborn in his decision. He asks Kashmira to assign him some other task so Kashmira asks him to bring her moon. Sajan becomes speechless. He then gives into Kashmira’s request to meet Chedilal as a woman.

Sajan arrives at the restaurant as a woman with Ramvati and Kashmira. Sajan notices Chedilal is sitting at the bar side so he expresses his worry to Kashmira but the latter convinces him and sends him to Chedilal while she and Ramvati goes and takes a seat a little far from Chedilal.

Chedilal gets mesmerized seeing a disguised Sajan. He flirts with her. Sajan also flirts with him. Ramvati gets hurt by Chedilal’s actions, but she defends him, saying the latter didn’t lay a finger on Sajan. Kashmira challenges Ramvati that Chedilal will touch Sajan when he gets an opportunity. Power goes off. A kissing sound hears. Once the power comes, both Ramvati and Kashmira get shocked to see Sajan’s state. Sajan makes up an excuse to check up on his ill mother and then leaves the place. Chedilal gets confused. He also leaves. The bar tender wipes off the lipstick from his lips, then the masked man gives him money and then leaves.

Later, Sajan lashes out at both Kashmira and Ramvati for putting him in such a situation. Ramvati tells she don’t feel it’s Chedilal who kissed him. Kashmira agrees with Ramvati, so she asks Sajan to help her again, but Sajan vows not to help her. Kashmira persuades, so Sajan ends up shouting at her. Kashmira gets possessed by her Dadi, who attacks Sajan, so Sajan agrees to help Kashmira.

The next day, Sanjana complains to Sajan about Chedilal’s behaviour. She also informs him that her decision is to take him to the USA. Sajan gets shocked. He persuades Sanjana to stay in India. Chedilal arrives there and refuses to go to the USA with Sanjana. Sajan advises Chedilal to focus on his relationship with Ramvati, which confuses Chedilal. Sanjana glares at him.

Precap: Both Sajan and Sanjana wonder how to find the real identity of the masked man. Meanwhile, the masked man meets Ramvati, and the latter gets scared.

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