Meet 10th June 2022 Written Update: Meet exposes Abhay Rana


Meet 10th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raj telling Meet to reveal the truth to Babita and the family. Meet feels hesitant but then says that she blackmailed Abhay Rana using Shanty. She told him that his son will get shot by any policeman if he doesn’t reveal the truth to people. Abhay felt helpless and made the revelation that Ashok Hooda didn’t die cause of encounter but he shot him. He put the blame on Ram and blackmailed him for years. He even used Isha to hide his truth. Isha married Shanty in order to save her father. People out there got shocked to hear his confession and slammed him for being a fake politician who has no moral values, Abhay got arrested.

Meet tells everything to her family and Babita feels guilty hearing that. She says she misunderstood Meet a lot and accused her when she was trying to expose the truth. She was crying recalling her father’s death and she assumed that she lost her child. Meet tells Babita not to feel guilty as she knows Babita loves her baby more than Meet Ahlawat. Sunaina thinks she should also share about her achievement that she cracked a deal of crores in the office today. She tells everyone that but noone shows much interest which irkes her. She says everyone is just focusing on Meet.

Babita apologises to Meet and then she tries to hug her but Meet stops her showing her big belly. Meet says this belly comes often between husband and wife too. Everyone laughs hearing that Meet feels embarrassed. Later Meet Ahlawat asks for an ointment and Meet gives her own ointment to him. They both share it and spend time. Meet Ahlawat asks her how is she feeling now and she says she is better. He tries to hug her but her belly comes in between. She kisses his forehead and then she shares that she wants to do something exciting, she wants some fresh air, outing etc. Meet Ahlawat says he can understand but Babita is not letting her do so. Meet Ahlawat says he will take her out today.

Meet Ahlawat rides the bike and Meet sits before him. She asks him why he is riding slowly. The bike stops suddenly and he tells her to fix the problem as she is expert in it. She is about to bend down but he stops her. Later she finds out he only removed one part of the bike which caused it to stop in the middle. She catches him and he gets embarrassed. Later they share some funny talk and he hugs her.

Episode ends

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